Marvel Spider Man 2 PS5 New Outfits, Editions, Huge Details & Way More (Marvel Spiderman 2 ps5)

Spider Man 2 PS5 Gameplay Breakdown (Marvel Spider Man 2 – spiderman 2)
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37 responses to “Marvel Spider Man 2 PS5 New Outfits, Editions, Huge Details & Way More (Marvel Spiderman 2 ps5)”

  1. I hope spider-Man three doesn’t have Gwen Stacy.. let’s just keep it as Peter in miles Moralez.. do you want to do a Gwen Stacy game they can do it on her own.. I hope they’re not gonna do that bullshit

  2. Yeah there’s not another Spider-Man game by insomniac after this 😂 did people forget they are working on wolverine? Spider man 2 will finish the trilogy which is what Sony has been wanting for their games just look at horizon and GoW

  3. Man I love that Red Spectre with the Locs sticking out. That Tokusatu suit is definitely a must have. Gonna have brother feeling like it Morphin Time 😂😂😂😂. I’m just all around excited about everything with this game. And the suits with hoods and capes are also amazing.

  4. Suit creators

    Peter Parker’s Digital Deluxe Edition suits:

    Aurantia Suit designed by Raf Grassetti.

    Apunkalyptic Suit designed by Jerad Marantz.

    Tactical Suit designed by Joel Mandish (Bend Studios).

    Stone Monkey Suit designed by Victoria Ying.

    25th Century Suit designed by Anthony Francisco.


    Miles Morales’ Digital Deluxe Edition suits:

    EnCOded Suit designed by Kris Anka.

    Biomechanical Suit designed by Jerad Marantz.

    Tokusatsu Suit designed by Julia Blattman.

    Agimat Suit designed by Anthony Francisco.

    Red Spectre Suit designed by Sweeny Boo.

  5. Since this is heavily inspired by the ultimate spider man comics plus games I would hope that Venom would be a playable character at the very end cause he is a anti hero at the ens

  6. This game would be way better if they made a Deluxe Edition and Collectors Edition for Disc not just a Standard Edition then 2 Digital Edition Insomniac and Sony both suck knowing now that to get the disc I’ll have to pay for the standard edition and to get get the awesome extra stuff I’ll have to upgrade to the digital deluxe edition basically those who want the disc version and the extra stuff you’ll pay a lot more for that it sucks 😤

  7. I think with the capes they should make it so that the web wings use the cape like in the Arkham games where Batman uses his cape to glide

  8. Both of the preorder suits being comic ones is sick af, I loved that champions run with miles in the shadow spider fit, and arachknight was def the coolest infinity warps next to weapon Hex

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