Marvel Melee: Fighting Game Concept (Characters, Story, and Mechanics)

What would a #Marvel fighting game look like? Whether it’s made by #MortalKombat creators #NetherRealm Studios or a different company, these are the aspects I would love to see! What do you think?

COMMENT: What characters YOU want in a Marvel fighting game!
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0:00 Intro
1:17 NRS Studios
2:55 Teases from Ed Boon
3:14 Marvel Melee Story
5:36 Multiverse
6:31 Character Roster
8:02 Stage Transitions
9:46 Super Moves
11:24 Tag-Team and Co-Op
14:37 Mechanics
15:08 Why?
16:37 Outro

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36 responses to “Marvel Melee: Fighting Game Concept (Characters, Story, and Mechanics)”

  1. My top 5?
    1. Monet (Penance form)
    2. Toxin
    3. Namorita
    4. Reptil
    5. Anya Corazon

    As for villains
    1. Song Bird
    2. Omega Red
    3. The Mandarin (armored adventures ver.)
    4. Annihilus
    5. Sentry (void version)

    Cross over
    1. Jet Jaguar or Ultra Man
    2. Ash
    3. Scorpion (MK)
    4. Bublebee or Arcee
    5. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

  2. I think Capcom needs to do a remake of Marvel Superheroes but all the characters from future MvC games and new ones that haven’t made an appearance and all the stages from X-Men/Marvel Super Heroes vs Street fighter. EA needs to remake Marvel Nemesis: Rose Of The Imperfects and finish the cancelled sequel and put them in one game. EA has to polish and improve the gameplay mechanics and the story mode needs improvement and take inspiration from Avengers: Infinity War and MK VS DC and MK9-Mk11. Netherealm studios can make a faster pace Marvel fighting game in the style of Marvel vs Capcom. And they need to add team battle, ratio mode, single match, and 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 matches, in every fighting game. And for team battle does need to have cooperative mode. The punisher, Blade, and Man-Thing should be included in the games roster. And they need to have costumes from multiverses and from different comic variations and even plots. Also these new marvel fighting games name a simple mode and a GC/AC-ism like modes from MVC3 and CVSNK2, respectively.

  3. I'd personally love to see Knull, Shocker, and/or Ghost Rider. But I really wouldn't be that picky with the roster for a straight up 2D marvel fighting game. More the less would just appreciate to get that tbh

  4. My Roster:
    Iron Man
    Captain America
    Black Widow
    Black Panther
    Ghost Rider
    Green Goblin
    Red Skull
    Dr. Strange
    War Machine
    Quick Silver
    Howard The Duck
    The Thing
    Human Torch
    Mr. Fantastic
    Invisibe Woman

  5. Scarlet witch is not a villain. She’s had villainous moment but so have most comic characters. The movies have made people think she is but she’s not

  6. Apocalypse, Black Panther, Daredevil, silver surfer and Blade all need to be playable characters. Proteus, onslaught, Dr. Octopus, namor and man thing as honorable mentions

  7. I'd love for it to be about the entire marvel universe based on the comics & cartoons as your favorite superhero or villain as story mode with henchmen in 1 mode & a team battle mode with various modes so that the franchise never-end & never stop I was thinking of a battle mode with the grand master in a arena like tournament 1 on 1 or even 4 on 4

  8. I agree with what you said, but I loved how interactive and spacious Marvels Rise of the Imperfects were. They had different levels, and each character was different. Imagine that game with co op. And when u do online multiplayer, it’s an open city where you can play cops and robbers Modern Warfare style. The battle royal with our favorite characters would be so fun!

  9. I would love some gameplay mechanics from contest of champions to be used. Bleed, poison, heal, immunities and debuffs would all be awesome on a well designed fighting game.

  10. In a Marvel fighting game, I would think that it should contain Spider-Man avengers fantastic four X-Men Invented magneto, green goblin, electro doctor octopus Loki and that’s it and also I think you’re a story idea is actually pretty good, so I’m gonna stick to your story and the whooping or the thing that can either control or destroy the universe. I think it should be. Let’s see here it’s somewhere in Mars. That’s where I would say it is and it would be pretty interesting, but they will need to go to space so I’m going to keep it at earth I’m jackets self. I’m thinking of a sword which has a red stone in the middle of it once you push it down on the ground below you and either two things can happen either if your motivation is to take over the world, then that happens but if your motivation is to destroy the world that happens, and I think there should be five endings, the first ending is where Thanos wins, and he will destroys the world. The second ending is where Dr. doom controls the world and what are the other three endings the other is Thanos dies and the avengers but also the sword with the stone, so do you only real winner is nobody and the other is reversed, Dr. doom dies with the avengers and others. and Thanos does it win with the stone destroyed. Well I’m gonna call it a gem. Actually it’s the reality stone. And there’s only one good ending where the avengers x-Men fantastic four Spider-Man win and live in. That is the second good ending and the actual true ending is what you said Dr. doom Thanos realize that the reality stone can somehow go through other dimensions. Don’t ask me and so they go in. This is the canon, true ending and most likely introducing the multi-verse the heroes aren’t that so worried, but also worried at the same time like kind of a medium worried because first of all they don’t know the universe is so they can either be weak or strong, either good intentions or bad intentions, in the second game there’s some thing that I should say you can either take to pass go for Dr. doom or go for Thanos. If you go for Thanos he will most likely kill you because that universe is already gone well because there’s only Spider-Man there Yep it’s a universe wars. Only Spider-Man is there with bad intentions no other superhero exist besides him or a villain in Thanos destroys it and probably you will as well. Well you get destroyed and Dr. doom is the correct choice because well he’s trying to take over not kill so he will be holding back much more, not that much, but it isn’t so much, anyways you’ll be playing a Spider-Man wolverine and Captain America and that’s it and most likely you win in the universe of that is called a hope this universe isn’t use the ready, but it is called oh yeah, I forgot about ghost Rider. He’s a hero and the universe is called.172730363632527 that’s the universe that they’re going in. It’s a universe where the avengers X-Men and fantastic four are in one big, super keen, which actually makes them stronger than I would universe fighting characters and when they first meet, you will have to fight them, but to make them different. They have different suits for their team and you fight them until, you explain to them what’s happening so when you have reinforcements Dr. doom is almost taken down but escapes to another universe the same universe that Thanos is about to destroy. This is about a Quarter way through the game and Thanos absolutely demolishes everybody but that universe remember that yeah they have a solid chance of picking Thanos down and they have better techniques and well better fighting skills with each other because they’re in the same team, but they give them one big weakness, and then use almost the exact same techniques. Well, everybody, except Spider-Man in the universe is kind of more of a alone fighter even ghost riders in the team, but Spider-Man is more like a once a week time thing so they battle and Thanos kills Dr. doom by accident and there’s sent to another universe and it’s called help. Nobody also has this but it is.99999999999993426384901626374035363026363 and they find in the universe and the universe is a universe where only Spider-Man exist. It isn’t like the last one, but there’s more Spider-Man there’s about 16 Spider-Man and they have good intentions, and that would be the end of the game we have about 18 Spider-Man in just two games, and that’s it. That’s the second game it’s more of a shorter one but it’s good.

  11. Oh my gosh, yes! This is something we all deserve! Marvel vs capcom is great and all, but having a full on Marvel fighting game would be amazing! And netherrealm could possibly pull it off with WB games, let’s not forget that Tt games is also owned by WB games, and they made the Lego marvel games. If they could do something like that, that I’m sure they could work something out.

  12. Arent the whole point of these types of videos is to go in depth with your ideas. Really disappointing that you didn't go in depth with the roster. Thats one of the reasons i like these types of videos 😐

  13. My top five.
    Moon knight
    Agent venom
    Docter doom
    Wolvrine (luara kinne)

    For crossovers
    Danny phantom
    Unrealistic picks I know

  14. MK 11 has 27 characters so with that being said:
    1. Kang The Conqueror
    2. Killmonger
    3. Bishop
    4. Black Panther
    5. Storm
    6. Luke Cage
    7. Blade
    8. Thor
    9. Hulk
    10. Wolverine
    11. Iron Man
    12. Captain America
    13. Dr Doom
    14. Mr Fantastic
    15. Mr Sinister
    16. Magneto
    17. Dracula
    18. Venom
    19. Red Skull
    20. Iron Fist
    21. Daredevil
    22. The Punisher
    23. Mystique (Shang Stung type)
    24. Jean Grey
    25. Captain Marvel
    26. Spider Man
    27. Namor

    With cameo fighters like Gambit, Attuma, Shuri, Sue Storm, She Hulk, etc.

  15. Hmmm I'd like to see

    •Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes
    •Miss Marvel (with MCU Powers)
    •Angela (since she was a Spawn charcter first. Seeing her come back into contact with Spawn would make good banter)

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