Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home 3 Pack Andrew Garfield Tobey Maguire Tom Holland Figure Review

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21 responses to “Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home 3 Pack Andrew Garfield Tobey Maguire Tom Holland Figure Review”

  1. My local Marvel Legends dealer advised me today that all 3 Spider-Men, Tobey, Andrew, and Tom, will be released this December as singles in a wave, along with a Charlie Cox Daredevil and BLADE. No word yet on the other 3 figures in that wave and no word on the build a figure either. Stay tuned.

  2. After seeing this review and ATSV I sank in and gave into wanting to finally purchase this but I have been struggles with Hasbro Pulse and its payment methods cause its constantly rejecting the card. I honestly don't care for the price but what I do care is how annoyingly difficult they have made it to obtain this 3 pack by making it a hasbro pulse exclusive. It's my first time ordering off of them too and I already dislike their service.

  3. If they release these without the mask heads and no match kid in the next release of this three-pack I am literally just going to get some 3D printed heads and paint them myself cuz screwed Hasbro's doing trying to rip people's money away from them without actually giving a decent product

  4. How is it possible that Toby, being the one that people obviously wanted the most and for what people were going to jump for this pack, has less paint applications than Tom, I know that making the lines in low relief is easier, but with Andrew If they did well with black, why not with silver, at least that would hide the crooked eyes that he has😔😔

  5. The Tom Holland figure is mostly reused but definitely had improvements with wall crawling hands, better shoulder joints, the web lines are filled in, the gauntlets have lights painted on the back as well and more blue coloring on the darker parts.

  6. So disappointing hasbro skimped on the Tom Holland sculpt. Two brand new sculptures and then the same old ab crunch. He deserved so much more considering he's the reason for this 3 pack. But just wish hasbro would go up and above for their customers like oversees competitors do. Spiderman, ALL spidermen figures deserves the floating ab diaphragm like Toby's and Andrew's. And it's not like they couldn't have sculpted a new Holland Spiderman body.

  7. i just opened mine and they i believe molded andrews webshooters wrong cause they are on the side of his arms and not the center where they should be lol im a little butt hurt but its not the end of the world

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