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Marvel Legends Gamerverse Spider-Man 1 PS4

quality spiderman costume Made with careful attention to detail, this costume features a durable and comfortable design that stands up to wear and tear.


  1. So this is one of their newest Spideys, but still can't do a full splits.

    The grey (barely) blue, looks like it's been in the wash too many times.

    If: the colours were accurate, he had a full set of both hands and a Peter Parker head, that would be something.

    Hasbro: "where profits come first"!

    "Maximum cost. Minimum effort".🙁

  2. The Select version of this suit is the only good action figure interpretation of it I have ever seen. It's also far and away the best Select Spider-Man. Thanks for bringing that up, Manny!

  3. Here in Italy they're asking 52 euros for this garbage….fuck them i'll just display the AMAZING collector's edition of the game.
    Great review as always

  4. Maybe hasbro will realize they fucked up and make this figure more like miles. I’m just more annoyed they don’t fit together than anything. If they don’t make a re-redo I hope SHF makes a new Peter and miles.

  5. Man I don't know what Hasbro was thinking with this figure. They literally could've made a new sculpt since they made one for Miles but they went down the lazy route, since they knew people would buy it anyway because it's spider man.

  6. Thanks for speaking up. It's upsetting that Hasbro keeps getting away with cutting corners so many times. No sculpted details at all, no raised symbols, no alternate head, no even pairs of hands, inaccurate colors, inaccurate body mold & no sculpted web pattern with paint inside. And to top it all off, they wanna dare charge $35 for this lazy excuse of a figure. It's even around $40 on Amazon. This sure as heck isn't worth purchasing. The only one that is worth it, is the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales figure. And that's only if you couldn't buy the first release. Ill be voting with my wallet. I've decided to not buy this, ever. Hasbro has to do better.

  7. wow, 3/10. I totally get it. The paint apps on this is quite pathetic. The webbing mistakes, wrong blue, and lack of hands/accessories are sad, and then asking $35 is just criminal. well done on this review. This will be a pass for me because of your review.

  8. i feel like this figure should have been a new sculpt mainly because it look way better and instead of using reuse also if they make a symbiote suit figure i honestly feel like they could maybe do that justice as long as its a new sculpt and it has good articulation and its accurate it would be a good figure and honestly ii feel like i could just do a small repaint and the 2.0 figure would be better i still think Hasbro can make amazing figures but they just don't if they focused on making quality figures instead of rushing out figures most of their stuff would be amazing but other than that this review is completely true and is what i always like to see from reviewers like you.

  9. Both Hasbro and McFarlane are skimping out on the paint apps. I feel McFarlane is worst though because he's doing with his Spawn figures which is his own property. Just look at his medieval spawn. His company was very lazy with the paint on that one. Although Hasbro is charging you more for the figure and they still cut corners.. I guess both are neck and neck with their production tactics.

  10. Thanks for this review Xmanny. The despicable fact that needs awareness is the MSRP Hasbro states. With the No. 1 superhero in the world, it would appear Hasbro's ML brand failed to substantiate that reputation with this vastly over-priced product. I feel for the those that missed out on the GOAT variant and for those dedicated Spidey fans such as yourself.

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