Let’s Have a Nice Fresh Start in Don’t Starve Together with @orbitalpotato

Fight, Farm, Build and Explore Together in the standalone multiplayer expansion to the uncompromising wilderness survival game, Don’t Starve.

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20 responses to “Let’s Have a Nice Fresh Start in Don’t Starve Together with @orbitalpotato”

  1. Grab a bug net and catch butterflies then plant them near ur base yes this is not a typing error. U will get flowers which spawn butterflies and u can kill them and eat them for 8 hp

  2. I wouldn’t recommend fighting a raid boss like dfly or klaus cuz those are a bit hard for beginners. For now try surviving for the end of winter and u might have a little surprise also prep for winter from the start and have a few drying racks (good for hp and sanity). Btw u are much better at the game than before but don’t get excited u have a long way ahead.

  3. The robot can have a circuits that makes him a moving campfire but the only problem is that u need to scan a dragonfly (big fly in the desert) near the lava

  4. During Red A season you can technically interact with them but you have to wear the beeafalo helmet, which you have to craft first :D. you have to kill them for it tho 🙁

  5. I hope you continue this series as someone who plays dont starve together its very fun to watch you and orbitalpotato play.

    -for hounds if you want to kill them get into there attack range leave it let them attack and then attack them once and run out of their attack range and then repeat, there are multiple types of hounds: fire hounds that burn when they day if you see them kill them away from your base and ice hounds that freeze stuff around them when they die.
    -your character has a skill tree you can see it by pressing i, you get 1 skill point every 10 days and you keep every point you get between worlds so you can use it to get better insulation for you beard which will make it harder for you to freeze in winter, the beard has 3 stages keep it for winter shave it summer.
    -The cawnival sapling is for the cawnival event, you can upgrade it by using decorations from the tab standing near the tree unlocks.
    -there is a mod called combined status it shows you your temperature and the days you have left for the season you dont need it just helps a little.
    -wearing a beefalo hat will make it so beefalo dont attack you in their mating season.
    -deer clops destroys structures and he spawns at day 30 normally so preparing a mini base with a campfire for that day would help your structures not get destroyed by him.

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