Lego Miles Morales Collection | Speed Build | Beat Building

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Lego Marvel | Miles Morales Figure
Pieces: 238 pcs
Set number: 76225
Price: $25 USD

Lego Mech Armor
Set number: 76171
Price: Retired

Lego Sketches Miles Morales
Pieces: 214
Set number: 40536
Price: Retired

Lego Miles VS Morbius
Pieces: 220
Set number: 76244
Price: $25 USD

Here’s a collection Lego series of Miles Morales as the Spider-man across the spider verse movie start steaming on theater.

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God Hand Nipper:
God Hand Ultimate Nipper:
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  2. how many times do you have to re-set the piece you set in to get the right click sound. cause they don't always click together like this

  3. You really have your own way of building, I really love it. Really want to learn from you.
    I've a very small channel, appreciate your valuable advice 😍

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