Learning How to Be Spiderman – Bigpuffer Plays SpiderMan Miles Morales #2

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First time playing the Miles Morales Spider-Man Game! I’ve played the original one before off recording and alone but I’ve never played this one before, so I played through it to prepare for Spider-Man 2!

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22 responses to “Learning How to Be Spiderman – Bigpuffer Plays SpiderMan Miles Morales #2”

  1. Watching this I noticed something about puffer.

    He's a great fps gamer but as soon as you put him in an rpg type game he struggles with the new movement and fighting capabilities of his character.

  2. Just as a suggestion because I know that you're playing lot of different games rn, but I would recommend Horizon Zero Dawn bc it's on sale on steam rn and it's a very good game. Idk if you already planned on playing any other games but this is just a suggestion

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