Kai Cenat Gets Spiderman Web Shooter

Kai Cenat Gets Spiderman Web Shooter

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50 responses to “Kai Cenat Gets Spiderman Web Shooter”

  1. You Kai if don't the we shoot you could just give it out for me free give away ya'll don't know how use it bruh so you could just give it to me bruhhhhhh.

  2. This kid is a literal dog s*** for brains like I don't even understand how people can enjoy this s*** it's so f**** stupid. It's like watching on accident that soap opera scene that your parents used to watch, like you've got to be retarded if you love this s*** Kai is like the lowest IQ content creator slightly barely above that other Jew I think they're both Jews I don't know. But these kids have so much money from their parents and it's sad that people think that these kids have earned anything and they aren't just LARPing

  3. I remember getting the silly string/water gun webshooter years ago. I got to use the silly string once before my parents decided it was too messy for the house 😂

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