Jagged Alliance 3 – Ep. 06: Gotta Get Mine

Today, we’re prepping to hit the mainland, but with Fox and Grizzly turning tail its time to DM some new MDs. We’ve just been coasting thus far, but now it’s time to cut the cackle because I’ve gotta get mine!

00:00 DM deez-
08:28 Going ballistic!
15:48 Just coasting.
19:04 Cut the cackle! (Combat)
31:45 Gotta get mine!
45:20 Outro & Special Thanks!

I did receive an early copy of the game, but I’m not otherwise associated with Jagged Alliance 3, Haemimont Games, or THQ Nordic in any way. I’m just an oldschool gamer who loves oldschool tactical games. 🙂

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36 responses to “Jagged Alliance 3 – Ep. 06: Gotta Get Mine”

  1. On the bottom right, you can toggle different overlays for the map (Notes is helpful, it shows quest locations and if you have intel). Also, anything you drop will stay in an area. You can hit "H" from the map to view the sector inventory.

  2. Some spoilers if i may. One of the richest mines in the game is on the most northern shore. In addition to providing 3000 $ of income it has an interesting, slaver character and unique rifle to grab. Just want to point it out.

  3. They decided to use the XCOM "pods" system for the black hats, so you have the ridiculous result that grenades can go off and you can bust caps in a small area and those not in LOS will just go on like nothing is happening. Whereas in JA2, at least they ran to the sound of firing. I guess they thought too many people exploited that behavior (true), so decided to do something else. Because AI is hard.

  4. I loved the FAMAS in JA2. Slap a trigger group on it, and you could rip off a full burst of five rounds with 4 AP. Meaning somebody with Fox-like Dex could put about 20 rounds downrange in one turn if you so desired.

  5. Norma and Stephen had some fun interactions in JA2. Steve was a good merc, but he was hated by a lot of the others because he was a white South African racist. That basically meant you couldn't have any bloods on your team if you had Steve.

  6. Thank you for the effort you out into this video and getting it posted. I laughed harder than I should have at the joke about Fox and Grizzly.

    It’s cool seeing meltdown played, I can’t wait to see more of her!

  7. They named the chicken after Heinrich Schliemann, the guy who discovered Troy? That's hilarious – the writers are probably not big fans of Schliemann's liberal use of TNT during his digs i'm guessing. Also between that Offspring reference in part 1 and the mask one here i feel like the references in this game are aimed at a particular demographic.

  8. Man you've been churning these out! Speaking of The Mask I remember being quite surprised by its origins. Its a quite gory and dark comic, how they got the idea to turn it into a child friendly (at least I first saw it when i was quite young) comedy I don't know.

  9. Hi there! By the way, I noticed that sometimes in order to complete a mini-quest, a team needs to have one or another character. For example, in sector H4 with underground silo there is a cemetery with graves with German names written on them, and to get some explosives there, Helmut or Buns must be in your team

  10. I was going to say on the Hyena front they are not doggo's but then thinking they are actually far closer to cats (are part of the Feline tree rather than canid) but then I remembered the chowder and thought maybe I should have kept my mouth shut 🙂

  11. I've tried watching other creator's playthrough of this game, but none hold a candle to your knowledge of the game (let alone your great cheesy puns)!

  12. dr. q isnt really bugged, the passive is just op as u can use the gained movement for further attacks. hes still not necessarily better than ice or hitman which are both cheaper.

  13. the channel that does the most enjoyable playthrough of this game 🙂

    is there shortcuts to quickly choose each or more 1-6th merc on the squad? I miss microing and exploring at the same time

  14. Ahh, Meltdown. I know YOU said you don't miss her (4:25), but I definitely have. In JA2, she didn't jell with every merc, especially Flo, and goodness, so many merc HATE Flo. But Meltdown performed. Didn't take nonesense. Never missed a beat. And was so vulgar, you had to turn your volume down… I gave her twin submachine guns.. :3

  15. 24:21 I get the reference, but from my playing of Thea 1 and 2, Baba Yaga is kind of a mix of a witch and the boogie man. They're sneaky magical tricksters who kill and eat anyone they can steal or trick away from the safety of town if I'm getting the details right. I think Kalina is from the part of the world where the folklore Thea is based on comes from. I guess that would also explain why a Russian mobster would call an assassin Baba Yaga now that I think about it.

  16. Wow, you cranked through the replay quick. 😀 Glad to see this continuing. I like MD, Norma…. cringe I'm sure it'll be fine. Just fine.

    Really should've accepted your identity as "Bullet Sponge." But we know.

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