I’ve got mixed feelings on this new Spider-Man No Way Home action figure… | S.H. Figuarts Reveal

The S.H. Figuarts “New Red & Blue Suit” Spider-Man No Way Home figure will soon go up for preorder and Bandai has released some images. There are one or two things that are putting me off though…

Check out my SHF vs. Marvel Legends Tobey Maguire comparison:

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14 responses to “I’ve got mixed feelings on this new Spider-Man No Way Home action figure… | S.H. Figuarts Reveal”

  1. I'm okay with the lack of texture on the suit, and I think the figure itself is beautiful. The only things holding me back from getting it are the price, red elbows, and of course the S.H. Figuarts hips.

  2. What are the third party sites you would typically use to order something like this that may not see a release in the states? I know I was interested in picking up those amazing yamaguchi flashes with their pre order bonuses but I can't order directly from kaiyodo here in the states. And no other retailer I've found seems to be carrying the unique pre order bonus items.

  3. I don't mind this suit because
    1. It only shows up in the last 30 second of the scene
    2. Logical release time, since the movie is still +2 years old
    3. The possibility of the suit change in the next movie in 2025/2026.

    I will never buy anything from mafex again with their slugish pre orders and release date, not only that, the horrors of breaking your joint every single time you move it is a massive let down compare to shf.

  4. Holding out for mafex but I do have this one on PO for now. I actually have all the suits in SHF except integrated, and the iron spider I have mafex and both the infinity war version (very inaccurate) and the final battle.

    Although objectively the homecoming shf wasn't great and the mafex was alot better overall, for some reason I just like it haha I guess maybe it's just really action figure-like? haha

  5. No se si sepas español pero YouTube te va a traducir esto seguro.

    La figura es bastante buena, también me decepciono el hecho de no llevar textura cuando la vi por primera vez, pero si lo ves del lado positivo es mejor, ya que es un traje mas clásico, más comic, se que hay imágenes ya oficiales que el traje tiene un rayado en la parte azul, que si comparas y lo ves bien es el mismo patron de rayado que el traje negro con rojo de Far from home y nwh, algo que para mi no tiene sentido alguno, ya que supuestamente hizo el traje sin tecnología ni medios, no se que excusa diran pero para mi eso no tiene sentido y tiene mas sentido que sea plano

  6. Idk about the texture of the blue, I know it has it on the hot toys, but i like how smooth the metalic looks. But yeah, the red should've definitely had some texture

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