Incredible Hidden Details in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Part 2)

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This is Part 2 of my in-depth breakdown of #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse. Part 1 covered the first 45 minutes of the movie, this 2nd part covers the next 45 and with Part 3, I will conclude the easter egg hunting and breakdown of this incredible movie.
I want you lads to be super prepared for the upcoming Part 3 which releases next week!
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41 responses to “Incredible Hidden Details in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Part 2)”

  1. I never really followed along with the comics or however I should say it I'm bad at my first language but I never did it because I was always just getting random comic numbers and reading them without knowing what was going on so I actually never knew that Gwen was a ballerina

  2. I saw a detail when miles was swinging for the first time in across you see a lot of birds show up at a building but in the first movie with spidermans intro there were 7 birds because in that movie there were seven more spider people so i think its a detail to across because there are a lot more spider People in that movie.

  3. Cool continuity detail from the previous film: Comic con doesn’t exist on earth 1610

    Gwen appears in into the spiderverse
    “How many other spider people are there?” – miles
    “Save it for comic con” – peter b
    “what’s comic con?

    And then when he reveals his identity to earth 42 Rio:
    “Is this like comic con?” – rio
    “I don’t even know what that is” – miles

  4. 12:17 Ngl seeing how Spider UK is Indian is REALLY cool. Indian culture is quite large in the UK and I love the representation (before you wonder no, I am not Indian myself but it’s cool
    However the fact that the most recent live-action Spider-Man is a Brit himself I was half expecting Spider UK to just be Tom Holland

  5. The Indian spider man was not bitten by a spider bus was given his powers by a shaman to go and take out demons that are counterparts to spider man villains

  6. This video and the first part are the only 2 videos I have seen from you and I like them. If you really read all comments like this one and you will win a permanent subscriber. <3

  7. Something that also hints to Khatri being Pavitr's version of Gwen Stacy before we get the "The Police Captain's death is a cannon event" is what u pointed out: her probably being a model, which is what Gwen Stacy's occupation was in Spider-Man 3, but I don't blame you for forgetting she was in that movie lol

  8. When you were talking about the different Eddies and spider people at around 15:10 you can see that one of them is Gwen's encounter with venom and becoming gwenom. It's just a very interesting detail for me bc in that moment Gwen or even Miles could have seen how her future will play out.

  9. there was one thing i caught while watching the movie. Miguel mentions that miles becoming Spiderman was not a cannon event. However, he goes on later in the movie to mention that Miles' uncle and father are both cannon events in his story. This was just something I found interesting because it directly contradicts Miguel's statement.
    Not sure I just missed something or if its something to note for the next movie.

    Love all your breakdowns of movies so far and look forward to seeing them whenever any new super hero movie comes out~!
    Keep up the amazing work and dedication!

  10. In one of the scenes where Gwen reveals herself to her father as spiderwoman I saw that in the background of Gwen there were two shapes were the eyes of her mask.

  11. Sir sorry but you are a little wrong pavitra prabhakar wasn't bitten by a spider he got his powers from a magician 😊 by the way the vid. was amazing too

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