Incredible Hidden Details in Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of my in-depth breakdown of #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse. Part 1 only covers the first 45 minutes of the movie. Part 2 will cover the next 45 minutes and then with Part 3, I will conclude the breakdown and easter-egg hunting of this movie. Buckle up for some incredible hidden details in this video and in the next 2 parts.

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47 responses to “Incredible Hidden Details in Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse (Part 1)”

  1. Let me know your favorite detail from this video! Part 2 currently has about 33+ details and Part 3 might end up with 50 details. This may as well be the first movie where I end up finding 100+ Hidden Details and Easter Eggs! Let me know your thoughts lads..

  2. It's not a detail from this movie but from the into spider verse. But I liked it so I'm sharing it. So when in the start Peter Parker from miles universe was fighting with Green Goblin and Miles was watching when it said "LOOK OUT" you can actually hear a faint voice of Miles also saying "LOOK OUT". I hope you'll include this in the next video😅😅. And your videos are absolutely amazing the attention to details you have is 🤌🏻🤌🏻.

  3. 3:04
    Don't know if he said this. Miguel Ohara was not bitten by a spider, he deliberately spliced his genetics with a spider. So he does not have all the powers.

  4. I first watched the movie i was so surprised and mad that it ended on a cliffhanger. I went in the movie blind i didnt watch a single thing related to spiderman so it was a shocker to me

  5. when miles tries to absorb the electric barrier trying to stop spot in spiderman india universe hobie says to use his palm not just his fingers and when miguel traps miles in a similar electric barrier he uses his palms, great attention to detail

  6. Good job in finding the details! One small thing i want to say is, at the scene where a kid is playing a game on the computer screen 7:35, there is a poster in the room with a football player on it. It is the Korean player Son Heung Min, who currently plays for Tottenham in England

  7. An interesting detail that I'd like to mention is that when the spot starts to drag the ATM out of the shop, right before Miles reveals his presence, he rolls it on cans that he gently sets down on the floor. It's an amazing detail I noticed only on 3rd viewing that I feel like should be mentioned here

  8. Also if you notice here 2:01 gwen is in blue while her dad in red showing us that there's a rift in their relationship with gwen feeling distant from her father and struggling to connect with him emotionally

  9. Huh and here i thought that the chai tea scene indicated sinilarities in personality between the spider people (or at least Miles and Pavitr) despite being from different universes.

  10. There was another detail regarding diversity in this movie with Gwen’s room having a Protect trans kids poster on the wall. I loved this movie and all those cool details so thanks for the amazing video on it as always

  11. Actually, the LEGO Spiderman universe is confirmed to be the same universe as the first LEGO Marvel Super Heroes videogame (I forgot the number, tho). And that stop motion sequence was animated by a 14-yo!

    Also. Gwen has the transgender pride flag in her room with the words "Protect trans kids!" written on it. Another diversity W!

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