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47 responses to “I Watched Marvel’s *SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING* For The FIRST TIME!!”

  1. this version of spider man makes me see him as a typical young kid who just wants to take part in what he thinks actually goes on in the life of a super hero. i assume kind of like those that want to be cops or fire fighters, some will have the idea that it is all about car chases and gun fights or breaking into burning buildings and saving lives by carrying them on your shoulders as you bust through flaming walls to escape. in reality, those things happen when they happen. they don't happen all the time. with spider man here, just texting away, waiting to be called for another mission. it isn't everyday that you have to hunt down a beloved american symbol super hero or that an alien invasion takes place. you just gotta do what you can until the big shit goes down. lol

  2. Fun fact (?): "Bad" Jennifer who voices "Suit Lady" is married to Paul Bettany (who now plays the Vision, but started in the MCU as the voice of Tony's AI, JARVIS) in real life. I thought it was funny they got JARVIS' wife to be the voice of Peter's suit.

  3. Fun Fact Tom Holland SpiderMan met Prowler in this movie. He interrogated Miles Uncle which is Uncle Aaron, to prove this in the SpiderMan Across the multiverse, you can see Uncle Aaron/Prowler got caught in one of those time travel prison and it the end credits he said "i dont want those weapons around here, my newphew lives here" so basically miles is gonna meet Tom/Peter in this universe

  4. Hollywood suddenly remembered mixed-race families are a thing and went "OMIGAWD YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD TWIST…….???" and they got us all with that one. No one was expecting this reveal. When Toomes answered the door I thought he'd somehow figured out Peter's identity and that he had a date with Liz and that Toomes had broken in and taken her hostage in ye olde Spiderman tradition XD XD

  5. That thing you said at the start with spider man not being on Disney plus coz of Sony isn’t the case, I got it in Australia.

  6. I'm not sure if you noticed but the character Donald Glover plays is Aaron Davis, who is Mile Morales' uncle and also the Prowler (if you remember the spider-verse movie).
    During the deal near the start of the movie he was only interested in an anti-grav climbing tech, similar to the stuff Prowler actually uses.
    There was a deleted scene where he calls Miles and apologises saying he'll be late to meet him since he's been webbed to the car.

    Also another cool thing about Vulture / Adrian Toomes is that when you see him react to the washington monument he shows a look of confusion and maybe fear, because it wasn't just Spider-Man there but also his daughter (Liz) was there.
    He's also nervous about it because he realised one of his resources exploded there, meaning that Liz somehow got close to his work.

  7. My favourite Spider-Man movie! I just love the aspect of the secret identity that a hero needs to sacrifice his personal life for it. And this movie does that perfectly.

  8. 15:46 i dunno if u know this but… If pause at this scene. You'll know that that dude Aron Davis is The Prowler.. which is the Uncle of Miles Morales.

    I dunno it's cool to see these small little details that basically confirming other characters

  9. fun fact: the hug between tony and peter wasnt in the script and was actually improvised. Holland really thought RDJ was going for a hug. RDJ being the legend that he is rolled with it which led to the creation of the iconic “backseat” scene.

  10. 5:14 I actually thought the depiction of flash Thompson as a bully was more realistic than a huge football jock, most of the people that bullied me in school were just insecure and or popular. It had nothing to do with size or looks, but I see what you mean. @DonTownsend

  11. The rise of Disney has been happening for a while but they will never have enough money to own Sony period the fact that don't is not only the leading tech company of TVs washing machines etc the fact that they implemented 4k HDR screens in their phones with 120gh refresh display but then increased it to 240hz refresh rate per second just remember do not underestimate the biggest company in the world that will give you 100 times better function then iPhones will ever reach as they don't upgrade shit apart from how it looks hence why they are a dying brand proven by sale numbers they went from 1 to 3rd then to 5th in the span of 2 years probably be deceased by 2030

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