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38 responses to “I Watched Marvel’s *SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME* For The FIRST TIME!!”

  1. @Don Townsend – As to if you need to watch the Andrew Garfield "The Amazing Spiderman" movies… yes, you'll need to see both of them before SpiderMan No Way Home. And if you didn't see all the Toby Maguire ones, watch all three of them as well. Theres references to all five of them.

  2. After Far from home
    1 Wandavision
    2 Falcon & The Winter Soilder
    3 Loki
    4 Black widow
    5 What If
    6 Shan chi
    7 Hawkeye
    8 Venom
    9 Venom 2
    10 Spiderman far from home
    11 Moon knight
    12 Doctor strange 2
    13 Ms Marvel
    14 Thor 4
    15 She Hulk
    16 I am Groot
    17 GOTH holiday special
    19 warwwol by knight
    20 Black panther wakanda forever
    21 Antman and the Wasp Quantumania
    22 GOTG volume 3
    23 The Marvels

  3. definitely recommend the amazing spiderman movies! also, don't skip any of the shows!! they're all pretty important and (I would say) enjoyable in different ways, plus they tie in to the broader universe

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  5. You gotta watch Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wandavision. I really think you'll enjoy them all. I understand if you don't react to them all, but they're all good in different ways.

  6. you definitley need to watch the amazing spider-mans. the second especially is highly loved among fans, and although they may not be integral to the MCU they are an important aspect of Spiderman. The relationship with Gwen in that is actually closer to the first comics than Tobeys. Also, you should watch the Spiderverse movies after you catch up on the MCU as well! As there is a live action movie coming out and they are already setting up for that.

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