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This Movie Was Something Else i Hope you Enjoy The Reaction!

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28 responses to “I Watched Marvel’s *AVENGERS END GAME* For The FIRST TIME And IT BROKE ME!!”

  1. When I watched this movie in theaters, I noticed that Bruce Banner and Thaddeus Ross became distant after the events of The Incredible Hulk. The most likely reason why they never cross paths again is because Ross made Banner go on the run for 5 years, and I believe they hate each other.

  2. 6:12 When Tony gets in Steve's faces out their previous failure, he ad-libbed the word 'liar' at the end, and the way he spat the word out in Steve’s face really hits.

  3. tbh bro apart from Shang Chi, Guardians of the galaxy 3 and Spiderman No way home. The rest of the new marvel content has been average. I wouldn't bother with the shows unless you really want too

  4. Little thing.. if you see Tom Holland in that ending scene, they actually told him that it was a wedding when they were filming. This way he can't spoil the ending on accident.

  5. I love how tony says "we lost and you weren't there" to cap like he didn't hijack an alien spacecraft and go to a completely different planet to fight Thanos

  6. Captain Marvel found Stark thru Rocket..rocket probably put a tracker on their own ship..
    Iron Man made Thanos bleed during the Fight on Titan..
    ok..time travel here is not the typical time travel rules that if u go to the past, it affects and changes everything..no..what they did here when they gone back in time doesnt affect what happened in the previous movies..its a single-line timeline..what happened here are their future, just in a past-moment reality..
    What Rhodey meant when he said "me either" to Nebula is he was also damaged, remember, he had something on his legs to help him stand..
    Ok, many debates surrounding if nebula did tell them about Vormir..remember, the word she used is "murdered"..not sacrificed..so i think, nebula didnt really know what is the rules..she just knew that thanos murdered her sister and got the stone..so thats what she told them..plus she knew and told them, i think they will hesistantly go thru it without thinking it thru..
    for a cool note, when Nat died, the remaining 5 OG avengers each represents the diff stages of grief..Hulk=Anger, Thor=Denial, Hawkeye=Bargaining, Steve=Depression and Tony=Acceptance..
    one more, the 2 who snapped their finger in this movie to help everyone are the 2 who started the mcu, Tony and Hulk..
    one of the confusion, Thanos is not strong without the stones..nope..Thanos has been killing half of each planet for many many years..and he was doing it without the stones..he had a large army bec he is formidable and strong..he just wanted a means to make his goal faster and easier, hence the stones..

    hope you continue thru Phase 4..its not a perfect phase, unlike Phase 3..but its a good one..consider it like the Phase 1..an introduction of a new saga..after Far frome Home, phase 4 starts with WandaVision the Falcon and the Winter Soldier..

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