I Survived 100 Days in the SPIDERVERSE in HARDCORE Minecraft!

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Viewers join forces with an army of extraordinary Spider-Men as they’re chased through mind-bending dimensions by a horde of fierce foes. From a world of LEGO to the bustling streets of Tokyo, the heroes swing, fight, and outwit their enemies at every turn. They unleash their Spider-Man powers, dodge danger, and face off against iconic villains like the Prowler and Carnage Max. With epic battles, surprising alliances, and heart-pounding suspense, each episode brings the viewers closer to saving the multiverse from the menacing Spot. Get ready for a web-slinging journey like no other!

Mods Utilized:
Epic Fight Mod –
Spiderman Utilities –
Another Spider-Man Mod –
Grapple Hook Mod –
MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod –
SuperSuit Mod –
The Spiderman Mod –
Prehistoric Fauna –
Mutant Beasts –
Useless Swords –
YDM’s WeirdMobs –
Additional Lights –
Alex’s Mobs –
Citadel –
Angel Ring –
Curios API –
Cyclic –
BetterAnimalsPlus –
Architectury API –
BMorph –
Carry On –
Catalogue –
CMD Cam –
Creative Core –
Configured –
Custom NPCs –
Dynamic Surroundings –
Effortless Building –
Fakename –
Flyspeedmod –
Hide Armor –
Just Enough Items –
LuckyTNT –
Mob Battle –
MorePlayerModels –
OptiFine –
Pehkui –
Shrink –
Supplementaries –
Selene –
The Mighty Architect –
Warp –
Wings –
World Edit –

Suggested rating: TV-PG
This video contains material not suitable for younger audiences.

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  1. this is more like stolen form Bronzo more like as copied form him anyways Bronzo his vidio's are better and more epic and i dont understand why you copie vidio's form Bronzo lets just say you do other mobs then him but there are also the same mob thet Bronzo use!! PLEASE stop doing the same thing that Bronzo does!!!!!!!!

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