I Remastered GTA San Andreas (Fixing Rockstar’s Mistake)

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This is the Remaster WE DESERVED

Hope you guys enjoyed! Had a lotta fun

for Rockstar 😉
This just a fun fanmade concept, I’m not giving anything away, this isn’t a game ok thanks

2nd Channel: @Ryan12th
Instagram: @ 12thhours

0:00 Rockstar Hire Me?
0:29 Realistic CJ
3:17 Grove Street
7:10 CJ’s House
7:27 Ahh here we go again

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41 responses to “I Remastered GTA San Andreas (Fixing Rockstar’s Mistake)”

  1. This shows why games like the OG Max Payne were so well-loved. The developers had spent lots of time researching the localities, taking photographs, and generating near-perfect polygon renders for their assets (as well as 2001 hardware would allow), and even developed other assets like the facial features for the game. They put in valuable time and effort for the game, with extra effort in capturing movement animations (for 2001, everything had to be pre-recorded). They spent 5 full years in making sure that everything was perfectly working with each other.

    We need efforts like this for game development, not just slapstick jobs so that games can be pushed to our mouths within a couple of months. If the final product has that wow factor, we are prepared to wait for two or more years to get the product itself.

  2. Bro, this gives me goosebumps! I've never seen a remaster so perfect in my life. It would be awesome to see any game you create or remaster in video (like Bully). Keep up the crazy awesome work!

  3. "Wow, it's truly disappointing to see how some gaming companies, like Rockstar, seem to prioritize profits over pushing the boundaries of graphics and innovation. We all know they have the talent and resources to create mind-blowing visuals, but it seems greed has clouded their vision.

    I admire your dedication to creating amazing content and your passion for gaming. If I had the means, I'd definitely invest in you to create a game that could outshine anything Rockstar or similar companies have done. Quality and creativity should always come first, and I believe in supporting creators who prioritize these values. Keep up the fantastic work, and here's hoping for a gaming industry that focuses on greatness rather than just the bottom line!"😍🥰😘 and by the way i also subscribed your channel from other Gmail account so don't worry.

    And also every time i waiting just for your own upcoming games hope one day you will done it😘

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