I Need To Apologize, Jordan Is Headed Somewhere Else, Dame’s Time, They’re Coming Back, Best Kicks

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Air Jordan 4 SB Style
1:09 – Leaving NIke
3:30 – Jordan Racing Upgrades
5:42 – RIP
6:40 – Sneakers Of The Week
10:51 – Gilbert Jordan Poole
12:18 – Dame’s Time
13:30 – A Word About Chris AKA Santo
16:00 – Outro

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Jacques @Kustoo Slade is a guy that loves sneakers and creates Youtube videos about them as well as other things. This channel has sneaker collections from Nike, Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Reebok, Under Armour and more. He also does sneaker reviews, sneaker shopping, performance reviews, and sneaker history. He also loves technology, music, and pop culture and often mixes the three with sneaker to create one of the few “sneaker” channels that bridges the gap.

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30 responses to “I Need To Apologize, Jordan Is Headed Somewhere Else, Dame’s Time, They’re Coming Back, Best Kicks”

  1. Say what you want, but I still like a lot of the Wotherspoon Adidas stuff. The superstars, ZX8000, new gazelles, orketros…all nice.

  2. I feel like you are shadow bannned. I had to type in your name even though I’m subscribed. Your videos haven’t came up in a while. Look into it.

  3. Its not Venice beach h.s. its just Venice High School. Im from Oakwood, Venice. Also we have been part of L.A. for over 40 years. Our schools are L.A. unified school district schools. ✌

  4. Adidas needs to drop Sean Wotherspoon and Pharrell Williams, like they dropped Beyonce. No longer have the creative edge for Adidas. Invest in young graduates and scout for new talent via art and design exhibitions.

    The amount of natural resources invested on their lazy designs, would pay off student debts around the world.

  5. I love clots shit this year with nike it’s so sad their leaving, i really wish i could hit on the cork dunks for retail, but i’ll buy those as well as the silk dunks for resale because they’re so cool.

  6. I agree on the baggy pants vs skinny/slim jeans. The baggy pants look is terrible and outdated. You paid all that money for sneakers just to cover them up and look at a toe box? Baggy pants gotta go

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