How Tobey Maguire Got Cast As Spider-Man

In this video, Sid tells the story on How Tobey Maguire got cast as Spider-Man!

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25 responses to “How Tobey Maguire Got Cast As Spider-Man”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBEY! 🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟🕷️🕸️🤟

  2. Leo wasn’t actually cast as Peter yet for the James Cameron film. It was pitched as an idea and if I remember correctly they didn’t even approach him with the idea

  3. Every time I try to watch the Tobey Maguire movies, 5 minutes in I just get bored to tears…🙄

    He was great in No Way Home! I just think it’s Sam Rhamis style of movie.

  4. Did my guy just call the best spider man a meme? Tobey Maguire is one if the best marvel heroes and he's definitely one of marvel top 10 legends

  5. Actually you missed a major part, Leonardo was again offered to play spiderman but he rejected and recommended Tobey, his friend for the role and Sam Raimi accepted

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