How Powerful is The Spot in Across The SpiderVerse? #spiderverse #spiderman #shorts

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How Powerful is The Spot in Across The SpiderVerse? #spiderverse #spiderman #shorts

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19 responses to “How Powerful is The Spot in Across The SpiderVerse? #spiderverse #spiderman #shorts”

  1. The amount of people who hilariously believe he’s universal or multiversal in the comments is hilarious. Sounds like you all got butthurt over the 100% accurate Miles vs Static Death Battle lol. Even though you guys didn’t he’s still not on that level. Cry about it.

  2. Yea at that point he should be a doctor strange level threat he’s literally tearing holes in the fabric of reality how do the stakes even get higher? They’re gonna have to appeal to his human decency or something weak like that because no way are they wining a fight with a black hole monster. I’ll be happy when they finish this multiverse stuff it’s definitely getting convoluted

  3. did you know spot is actually a part of Venom you can see those black holes on him because they're Venom's hold but when the spot price make a portal you can actually see him when he turns black at the end of the movie he says that these words of why and after that she said you can I created you you created me now you'll suffer

  4. He went from cosplaying rorschach to cosplaying anti spiral, his development although seems quick was well planned he knew what he was doing and where he was going and how he could achieve it, even if he didnt have that final level up spiderman couldn't defeat him when he realised the power of his spots could he could just pop in to another universe in a blink of an eye

  5. Bro could JUMP LIKE IT WAS NOTHING to UNIVERSE AFTER UNIVERSE, it was before becoming his ultimate form, spider people needed some watch while he did manually with a portal in his weakened state with 0 portals.
    Man was jacked even in base form now with full power unleashed if he doesnt desintegrates atleast 1 universe in a matter of seconds i will be mad as hell, because it has to be easy for him to do that

  6. the guy took it so personally, he litterally became a multiversal threat just bc he wanted to defeat spiderman, like, my brother in christ, that is not Thor or Hulk, chill

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