How Miguel O’Hara Got JACKED!!! ( Spider-man 2099 Explained )

Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-man 2099 has CLEARLY been Hitting the GYM and GETTIN THEM GAINZ for Across the Spider Verse. But was it just an artistic Choice? Or was there ACTUALLY Training Workouts involved? Well today lets break this down and analyze how our Man GOT So MUSCULAR.

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34 responses to “How Miguel O’Hara Got JACKED!!! ( Spider-man 2099 Explained )”

  1. Funny that you called Miguel a blue Venom because for those of you who don’t know, Flipside, an android designed to adopt the powers of the first superhero it encountered, combined Venom and Spidey’s powers in order to mimic Miguel when they first met, which pretty much resulted in a weird yandere spider-venom thing.

  2. I'd love a tltt vid on him! Although im a short chick, his physique really makes me wanna work out more. And although i know ill never look like him I'm still gonna fight hard to get as close as im physically able to or atleast short female version lol XD

  3. You need to do a video on the best fitness animes, if you've already done one can you or someone point me in the right direction please 🙏 ❤💪

  4. I think that it’s because he was trying to look like his alternate dimension self. When he is looking at the video of him with his daughter he had big shoulders so he had that physique before he ever replaced himself. Either this or he just got older and therefore more muscular due to training for a longer period of time. He is the only Miguel O’Hara for all we know so he has different genetics from the other Peters.

  5. Y'know, the cape reminds me… I'd love to see Miguel summon his cape while lifting Mjolnir, lmao. I don't know if this version of Miguel is worthy of Mjolnir like he is in the comics, but that's be a dope sight to see nonetheless.

  6. First, I am torn between Miguel's standpoint vs Miles' standpoint. Next, my favorite scene was all the spider-people pointing at each other when 2099 says to get Spiderman. Lastly I would love to have the O'Hara style bulk, how do I contact you for work?

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