How Across The Spider-Verse Is Connected To The MCU EXPLAINED!

If you’ve been wondering how the “Spider Verse” series connects to the MCU, we’ve got you covered. For this video, we’ll be looking at plot points from the animated film that connect to or have serious implications for the live-action comic world. If you haven’t seen “Across The Spider Verse” and every MCU project up to “Guardians 3”, beware of a multiverse of spoilers ahead. We’ll take you from small details, like Miguel O’Hara’s reference to MCU Spidey fighting Doctor Strange, to larger ones, such as scenes that explore Sam Raimi’s classic trilogy. Which of the animated spidey worlds would you visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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39 responses to “How Across The Spider-Verse Is Connected To The MCU EXPLAINED!”

  1. Man I cannot believe it this dude named spot has the true power of the Multiverse Universe's Omniverse Omega different Multiverse Universe can travel different dimensions universe's multiverses Dimension different version Multiverse universe go into the Cinematic real life movies sopt is the true king 👑 of going through the universe's multiverses zombie versus Omega vs. Multiverse different versions Universe cinematic movie version multiverses dimensions I can't believe spot has the true power of the multiverses universes Omniverse Omega Level Universe Multiverse power spot power is truly badass beautiful and going through the timeline and trance multiverses through space and time universe

  2. The best way the animated world could cross over to live action was shown in this movie and in multiverse of madness. In the scene where Spot explores different universes, he steps into one of the live action universe, but still Sony's universe. What if Spot travels to MCU's universe like how Ultron did because like he said "the multiverse is in my palm" a subtle callback to Ultron itself. We know it's possible coz Dr Strange and America travels through multiverse and changes appearances. So when they crossover, they might get a live-action character too.

  3. I realised earlier that those multiverse portal in No Way Home and then Miguel mentioned Tom and Strange. He must’ve got that attention of the multiverse portals

  4. Spiderman has always been one of the best movies to watch, all the way back too toby. The marvel films have had a clear and distinct decline in both story quality and visual effects. If the mcu is gonna become involved can it not be the mcu going to the spiderverse, not the other way around? Marvel is going downhill while spiderman is being the real mvp don't drag him down too

  5. 0:43 That line alone just break the whole MCU. Earth 199999 is confirmed to be MCU back in the day; however, for some reason that no one was supervising the writers for Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. Since, for some reason, they made MCU Earth 616; for those who don’t known, Earth 616 is the main Earth where most of the story taking place in the comic. And if this movie is indeed connect to the MCU; this just make Doctor Strange 2 a whole lot messier

  6. Across the Spider-Verse connects to the MCU because of the live action cameos such Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man holding George stacy as he dies, Tobey's Peter watching uncle ben die, Donald Glover in a prowler suit, and Mj kissing Spider-Man. Miguel even showed Miles a White Multiverse tree which is referenced to the Loki series.

    Plus, when Miles interfered by saving the indian Captain, he caused an Incursion in Spider-Man india's universe even though one of the Spot's spots is destroying that universe.

    There's a possibility that Miles Morales will end up in Earth 199999 AKA the MCU.

  7. I wish they didn't force everything into the mcu with this multiverse crap. Blade,xmen, fantastic 4 would be better off in their own universe tbh. Maybe if they had always been in it but trying add that stuff now is just meh. Not everything needs to be mcu

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