Hollywood Shuts Down, Wolverine goes Comic Accurate, Superman Legacy Cast & More I TCBC

Wolverine goes Comic Accurate, Hollywood on Strike, Superman Legacy Cast & More I TCBC

Hollywood won’t budge on Strike [5:41]
The Flash postmortem [14:23]
Superman Legacy Cast [22:36]
Deadpool vs Wolverine at FOX [31:53]

Aquaman 2 Bomb Boogaloo [MEMBERS]
Black Panther at EA [MEMBERS]

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16 responses to “Hollywood Shuts Down, Wolverine goes Comic Accurate, Superman Legacy Cast & More I TCBC”

  1. When I saw the Wolverine costume, I did a double take at first cause I thought it was fake, but then saw the instergram post & I couldn’t believe it, it’s practically perfect, i still can’t believe they’ve actually done the yellow & blue costume, it looks so good.

    As for the sleeves, obviously Hugh Jackman’s health is pertinent so I understand covering up the arms, but then again he could easily tear them off in a fight.

  2. I always support labor but studios have a few good points of contention.

    1. The background actors being scanned and paid for a day of work is actually a gift because they could also ask random people to do it for free or even use AI generated people.

    2. Residuals are an antiquated notion. If you bought a painting or sculpture, would you be forced to pay the artist everytime someone views it or even if you resell it? Why should they pay actors for work that they already paid for?

    3. Strikes are all about holding out until someone is forced to concede. The writers have zero leverage and are completely replaceable so the studios waiting for them to "starve out" is just a consequence of the writers deciding to strike.

  3. I had an experience with Motion Capture and voice acting and have to say even though gaming industry is a colossus these days, voice over actors and mo cap performers are not fully considered 'equal' talent as traditional actors. What's really interesting right now is that the mainstream, 'regular' actors demand royalties for their digital likeness when it's used on new projects they are not technically involved with. Something MoCap actors could relate to…

    I guess the movie studios figured that their 'creative accounting' and sometimes cruel contracts/ NDA's would go unnoticed into this new era of streaming. PS. You almost saw me as Leon in the new Resident Evil games 🙂

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