Halloween Decor Hunt! CODE ORANGE Party City, Bath & Body Works, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, HomeGoods

Join me for a MEGA Halloween decor hunting day in Orlando, FL, July 2023 with huge CODE ORANGE finds! On a stormy summer day, we visit so many stores and find some code orange jackpots, both big and small! In this video, we enjoy a fun music playlist while Halloween decor hunting at Bath & Body Works, T.J.Maxx, Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store, Hobby Lobby, Party City & HomeGoods. We find tons of Halloween decor, costumes & props, dapper Halloween, ghost Mickey Mouse, Grogu and so much more, plus traditional fall/autumn decor like scare crows, bales of hay and pumpkins galore! It’s a big Halloween decor hunt on a cozy gray summer day, lots of Code Orange and great finds for 2023! Thanks for hanging out and enjoying this fun little hobby with me, browning around the shops to see what’s out and what’s new!

Welcome to Super Enthused! My name is Jackie and I bring you along as we explore the best theme parks, unique attractions, travel adventures, historic sites, cool cities, great places to eat and stay, and more! Thanks for watching and STAY ENTHUSED!

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35 responses to “Halloween Decor Hunt! CODE ORANGE Party City, Bath & Body Works, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, HomeGoods”

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  2. OMG stormy for us up here in the northeast as well – it's been raining or thunderstorms daily and we're sick of it (though it puts things in the spooky mood haha!)
    Thanks for sharing all these finds! 🎃

  3. Love this video Jackie, and your fall Halloween hunting!! All the stores had cute, fall Halloween decorations!! I love the scarecrow and fall stuff!! I especially love all the pumpkins!! I’m so glad you went to a bath and Bodyworks. I love that store, they have good smelling scents!! my favorite is the cinnamon swirl and the pumpkin cupcake!! Closer to Christmas you got a look for the hot cocoa candle it smells so good. Smells just like hot chocolate! So glad you had a great day and you found a lot of stuff and more places are getting Halloween and fall decor!! ❤️❤️😊🥰😊😊

  4. Hi Jackie and Sam, their is some drama out in the theme park vloggger world with Kyle pallo and Jo Jo’s world about them filming the minion blast attraction at universal .

  5. Another fun video!! Love it! I didn’t read through previous comments so maybe someone already said Lowes had a few Halloween items out.

  6. Thank You for sharing these fun little videos of checking out Halloween and Fall items. There is something about it that makes one feel cozy. Bath and Body Works has some lovely things and looked like a nice array of candles. That grogu was adorable and it would probably come on home with me.

  7. I was at Burlington today off of Daryl Carter Pkwy. They had a few Halloween items. Everything was in different places around the store. The Marshall's store next door had there Halloween stuff out. I enjoyed watching your videos. I would love to do this one day. Keep up the good work.

  8. Enjoyed the transition music between stops 😎 🎶 Glad you tried TJ Maxx – never saw the small lamp inflatable airdorables before!

    Might need to shop for a Halloween musical snow globe 🎶 🧡🖤🕷️

    Dapper Halloween ✔️🎩
    Hip Dapper 🎃
    Your 💅 color 😍

    Window shop but inside the window! 😉😊👍 So much fun hunting 👀 for code orange with you again! 🎃👻🦇🐸🩻🧙‍♀️
    Thanks Jackie, you’re awesome!!

  9. We’re ALREADY getting Spirit Halloween stores popping up around here in San Diego (the one in my neighborhood is, supposedly, scheduled to open August 8th!)…Oh, and Costco has some pretty cool Halloween stuff up already (at least at the one near us…they have a complete 16 piece collection of Disney/Mickey Mouse Spooky Castles and figurines for $99)

  10. We love these Halloween/fall decor hunts! Did you ever hear about the Boney Bunch at Yankee Candle? They are usually pretty cute and come out in August. Keep up the great work!

  11. Reminds me of a Charlie Brown cartoon: Easter one I think. They're in the store getting eggs and complain how the store already has Christmas decorations out.

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