GBO2, G-3 Gundam: The Good Raid

The G-3 Gundam often gets mistaken for the RX-78-2. I wanted to do something a little different that wasn’t exactly a downer like the previous videos I’ve done. In this video I’m looking for what could be a raid type that makes it fun for most players regardless of what class of mobile suit they’re using. Unlike stealth raids or raids with a charging melee, the G-3 doesn’t exactly feel like some kind of bully. It feels like a standard suit that just so happens to have type advantage against supports.

This is a fan based parody. All rights to: Spider-man (2002) belong to Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Sony Pictures)

Everwood (The WB)

Wreck it Ralph (Walt Disney Animation)

Mass Effect 2 (Bioware/EA)


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22 responses to “GBO2, G-3 Gundam: The Good Raid”

  1. Great video, but one problem: the g3 was seen in the original anime, in fact it had a very prominent role for half the series. How? The g2 got an upgrade in the form of the magnetic coating while at jaburo base, thus turning it into a g3. Unfortunately, it was still known as the g2, so that’s something Bandai could fix should they remake the original series

  2. How did you manage to make me feel for, and be inspired by a machine's non-canon backstory?

    I do have this unit, and now I wanna use it!
    Time to kick some butt, respectfully.

  3. We stan G-3 mains 💜

    But seriously this video hit the nail spot on when it comes to the G-3 lol. I've always had a soft spot for this MS, it's a suit you can't hate due to its reputation 🙂

  4. While I applaud it for what it does, it is still a raid… And it can stay away from me. Unless it wants to apologize for it's class being the bane of my time in GBO2 then it can sit right over there.

  5. love this suit, one of the reasons why i love mid cost so much, guided me well in my first days of the game and still use it now

  6. The G-3s life is truly one filled with hardships but this vid makes me wanna dust it off and take it back to 600 where i used it the most

  7. G-3 game plan is basically just "lmao i beat support in their own sightlines" which is respectable because G-3 play in support field of expertise.

  8. G-3 was my first MS that got me A rank when A was just added. I'll always remember the punishing yet rewarding moments with it before it got Dodge Roll.

  9. The G-3 is the only Raid that when I play it I don't feel disgusted with myself afterwards. Glad to see it get the love it deserves in this video.

  10. Ah. The only RAID i would dare to use to 650 cost.

    Very adaptable in any combat. Thanks for " certain " YTber who taught me how to play it.


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