FPL TEAM REVEAL: Utkarsh Dalmia | Fantasy Premier League 23/24

Joe chats to 6x Top 5K finisher Utkarsh Dalmia, aka @FPLWire host Zophar, about his GW1 draft. How far will he be able take his motto ‘get good players from good teams” with this year’s pricing?

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13 responses to “FPL TEAM REVEAL: Utkarsh Dalmia | Fantasy Premier League 23/24”

  1. Pretty much the same team as everyone else. I'll try and do something different with mine so I'll either be top or 8m in the world after a few weeks.
    Come on Salah!!

  2. So many people saying the game is too easy to have great teams from the get go and it’s a shame because some small changes like prices or not being able to captain the same player 2 weeks in a row could help change things but thats just my 2 cents worth

  3. Every team is the same, thats why im going againt Haaland, yeah my season might be over by GW 5 but who cares? If im right ill be in an amazing position

  4. I have a similar team. Only differences Pickford->Onana(assume 5M) Shaw -> Gabriel, Jesus -> Watkins.

    I think Watkins is super underrated in the community right now. I expected him to be 9M after how amazing he has been under Emery. Fixtures are mixed but Villa have been good against top sides last season.

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