Flash Becomes God of The Universe


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22 responses to “Flash Becomes God of The Universe”

  1. Been loving this channel and the way he produces the videos! Great watch!!! HOPE TO SEE MORE OBSCURE VIDS ABOUT DC IN THE FUTURE!@@÷

  2. I still maintained making a Wally west a god was a very bad idea at least in my opinion, and I am so happy Wally west my flash is back to normal and thank god for it.

  3. Anyone else want to see Wally's Flash have his own animated series like Spider-Man and Superman did. I always thought superhero lore benefitted the most in episodic fromats like the comics instead of annual hour long films.

  4. So this is how Wally West The Flash the man who became the power of God of the speed force and Beyond a more Kim depriest King God of his own powerful speed universes 🔥🔥🔥 but heartbroken 💔

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