Fixing Marvel Legends MILES MORALES Figure – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | Ken I Make It

I love this figure! … except for all the inaccuracies

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What paint do I use? And other FAQ

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The 2 varnishes I often use are listed below. (matte & satin)
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Matte varnish –
Satin varnish –

00:00 — Intro
01:19 — Let’s DeKenstruct!
02:30 — Stage 1 (Making the Suit Black)
04:30 — Stage 2 (Fixing the Spider Symbols)
08:22 — Stage 3 (Adding the Highlights)
11:46 — Fixing the Heads
13:47 — Before & After
15:29 — Photoshoot

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50 responses to “Fixing Marvel Legends MILES MORALES Figure – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | Ken I Make It”

  1. Man, I really wish I can do this to my figure, like it’s not a big deal with the spider symbols and the shoulder details but still, I wish mine was like yours

  2. You did an incredible job! The inconsistencies irked me when I bought it, but it's really cool to see someone vastly improve the figure as you did. The back spider symbol is great!!

  3. I saw this one asian creator on TikTok that buys anime figures and adds a bunch of highlights and makes it all solid colors and uses cell shading. He does it similar to how you tried with the arms. It maybe good to study how they do it, I wanted to study it but I still can't grasp it but you might be able to

  4. I think they added the blue to try and represent how it looks when the light shines on it, I guess the rest is just from early concept art since they start on these toys way before the movie is done

  5. Man, this figure looks SICK with a proper paintjob on it. Sucks that we don't have a nice Peni figure yet, but maybe when the next movie releases, they'll release her and her sick SP//dr mech.

    Hoping to see you cover the Gwen figure too at some point.

  6. Seeing how great this fix went, would you make a fix for the 2099 figure? For example giving neon orange highlights on the red parts and adding the suit pattern on the blue parts

  7. I recommend using acetone no remove any paint that Hasbro uses but you must go very careful with it because it damage the plastic if it's to much👍

  8. Lazy and disappointing video man. Usually your work is much better and much more helpful to other customizers to follow. This one was the worst one I've seen you do yet. Very disappointing man, lost me as a subscriber after this garbage

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