FIRST TIME WATCHING Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Movie Reaction

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46 responses to “FIRST TIME WATCHING Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Movie Reaction”

  1. 10/10

     Masterful IMAX Spider-Man

    The animation, flow of everything, genius character development, and action were all electrifying! This is one of the best Spider-Man adaptions deserving of the high ratings entirely. I love all the portals connecting to other dimensions and Spot is such a fun villain. Shemeik Moore, Hailee Steinfield, Jake Johnson, and Oscar Issac among everyone else was superb so much talent this movie better be nominated for best animated feature like the previous one was years back deserving of its win! For a movie that's fairly long it stayed entertaining from start to finish and keeps you wanting more, I loved it all so much.

    Also since this review is doing well I have autism and would love any opportunity to be more known in the world! My real name is Chandler Morgan and I crave movies a lot since I was quite young. I truly wish I could work on movies and spend time with famous people.

  2. Gonna drop this in a random comment section. The only 2099 future that isn't a corporate dystopia or utterly destroyed, is a timeline where Miguel gets a hold of Thor's hammer and was deemed worthy… I am interested how this one fixed his future.

  3. the true villains of ATSV are the likes of Nerdrotic, GnG and their witless mob. Basically the entire "Miles Morales isn't Spider-Man" crowd. I bet Miguel's rant gave them all a hard-on.

  4. Dude.. stop these rambling pls. "Sometimes people who can teach you something are really close to you" he talking about university and learning about complex theoretical physics on a level that he cant learn everywhere. Hes not talking about some dumb life lesson that you figure out when you get older

  5. You sound brain dead. The mask thing put me off so much i had to stop watching. A doctor wears a mask to protect himself from a virus or infections, spiderman wears it to protect his identity and by that his family.

  6. The ending had a great plot twist imo.
    In his universe, Miles was supposed to be just a citizen. The spider that bit him was from Earth 42, the universe where a different Miles was meant to be Spider-Man. But since that universe didn't have a Spider-Man due to the spider being in the other verse, it's been living in crime and terror since with Miles as a villain.
    It genuinely had me stunned in the theater.

  7. 40:14 very hard to think about good things with dead family members you feel responsible for killing. Hell, everyone I personally know who has lost a parent (that they loved and was good to them) will never be able to face a good thing without thinking “I want them here too”.

  8. So you just delete comments pointing out that you're watching a pirated version ? Plus, you're spoiling a major twist with the thumbnail. Have some respect man

  9. Did you…not watch the first movie? Miles having the ability to turn invisible on purpose was a pretty big plot point

  10. I just noticed, Miguel says Miles shouldn't be spiderman in the first place but also saying Miles' uncle dying IS cannon event for every spiderman's lives.

  11. Does anyone recognize that he laughs like every second of the video like he’s annoying or something no offense man I still love your content

  12. The most important case is that Spider-Man does not exist on Earth 42, it is already a canonical event…
    Miles is going to try to give powers to the Miles 42 and fix everything in that universe

  13. I don't know if anyone has told you, but the Lego Spiderman scenes were actually all animated by a 14 year old kid! The people who worked on this project saw his animation and decided to hire him to do those specific scenes. 😊

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