Finally back with Batman: The Enemy Within (Episode 1) – Tofu Plays

Thank you Telltale for sponsoring our first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within! You guys can preorder their upcoming game, The Expanse, on PlayStation, Xbox and for PC via the Epic Games Store:

The Expanse: A Telltale Series Episode 1 will be out 27th July, with episodes released every two weeks afterwards. Buy the Deluxe Edition to get the upcoming DLC and buy on PlayStation or Epic Games Store to get 24 hours early access!

Edited by: Roji

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23 responses to “Finally back with Batman: The Enemy Within (Episode 1) – Tofu Plays”

  1. Tofu i love watching your play throughs for these games. Literally happy I came across your channel when I did because you always make me laugh and smile all the time when I watch your videos and make my day better, so thank you!!🥺

  2. GodDAMN I was so happy to see that title.
    You have the best reactions and commentary. Your passion is contagious. Thank you for entertaining us

  3. I had given up hope that you'd end up playing season 2, but damn am I happy to be wrong. I genuinely enjoyed your previous playthrough as you got so invested in the story, plus the sass, and the relentless thirst too lol. Can't wait to see the rest of this series, and the upcoming Expanse game too. No matter how long it takes you to finish them, I know it'll be well worth the wait ☺️

  4. So Telltale thought they could just get a quick buoy on their sinking reputation by directly sponsoring Tofu right before their comeback?

    Because they thought correctly. That was a good call.

  5. You HAD to sacrifice those agents to save Avesta. Avesta is a romanceable option and Blake/others are not! You expanded Bruce's romance options at any cost! The best way to play! LOLOL Proud of you. I always save Avesta, Bruce is a lonely dude.

  6. I always liked doing something as Bruce and not Batman. Sure it's not action packed but filled with politics and trading favors

  7. 47:43 Usually writers have Batman sleep 4 hours (5 am to 9 am) with some occasional 5 minutes micro naps during the day. Part of his training involved being able to stay awake for long without needing to sleep.
    Anyway, gald to see you continuing with Batman. Any chance you'll do a reaction to Pattinson's The Batman movie?

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