Film Theory: Spider-Man’s Biggest Threat is… the MCU?! (Spider Man Across the Spider Verse)

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Miles Morales has a REAL problem on his hands, Loyal Theorist. In Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse we find out he unintentionally created his own villain AND that none of the events from the previous movie were meant to happen. Moreover, Peter Park was not supposed to die! Now with the world unraveling around him and Miguel and the Spider Society doing their best to restore the “canon events” we have to ask… could the multiverse actually collapse? Is this Spider-Man movie connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? And does Spider-Man have to DIE?!
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31 responses to “Film Theory: Spider-Man’s Biggest Threat is… the MCU?! (Spider Man Across the Spider Verse)”

  1. love your theory and i agree with most parts but why did an incursion happen in mumbattan, unless it was just the spot like miles said i dont think any spiderman other than pav spent any significant time there

  2. Honestly, I've always thought that miguel was wrong, his ideas are born of grief and selfish needs. He's always been wrong and he just cant see it because he's already stepped in before he can be proved wrong

  3. I agree with the incursion theory. However, I wonder how big the incursion has to be? Does it simply have to linked to how much the universe changes because someone interferes with it? If so, the spider that bit miles should be included. Is it based off how long that person stays in that universe? Because if so, than Pavitr's universe shouldnt have collapsed so quickly. Is it based off devistation? Because than Miguel's universe shouldn't have been all that affected. I think incursion theory has judt as many flaws. Additionally, the cannon events, as Matpat says, arent cinsistent at all. Gwen in one universe dies but than in another lives. Sometimes Uncle Ben dies, sometimes its aunt May. But all of the spiderverses are so drastically different, its hard to pin down cannon events, which is wht it doesnt make sense that theyre able to.

  4. no way, you're telling me that you think they WONT let the main protagonists lose in the second movie OR delete the possibility of ever making another marvel movie? this time you have truly gone too far matpat.

  5. This whole plot was retarded, but then, so was the multiverse of madness plot. The mere presence of of people or things from one dimension in another has never been a problem, it’s tampering with or violence done to the dimension itself. Both the plots ruin everything that came before it bc the writers are retarded.

    That is, unless we just ignore these shitty movies lol. ITSV never got a sequel. Doctor Strange never got a third eye. We’re good.

  6. I think the reason Earth 42 didn't collapse yet is because they never stated if a cop close to Spider-Man had to die before or after the spider bite and in Earth 42 miles dad died before the spider bite that makes me think if a cop close to Spider-Man dies before the spider bite it will be fine

  7. If the incursions are the big bad, and people from the wrong universe spending significant time there is the issue, how about Spiderpunk's universe? early on in the movie it was mentioned that Gwen had crashed in his universe a few times. it is then confirmed when Hobbie comes in and says that Gwen forgot her sweater and toothbrush in his universe. And if there is someone saying that the bracelet everyone in the spider society has helps prevent the incursion, then what about in mumbatten? spiderpunk and Gwen both had their bracelets, the only one who didn't was miles. He wasn't even in that universe for a day, let alone long enough for an incursion to occur.

  8. Even the spider bite canon is not strict Pavitr gets his powers from a shaman. Peter Porker was bit by a radioactive pig. Spider byte hacks a simulation to gain her digital powers. The list goes on.

  9. I’m a little confused on how the universe that Miguel and the rest of the spider society is in has not collapsed yet. It literally has hundreds if not thousands of people from different dimensions in one dimension. And it’s not like they don’t mess with the universe. We literally see them tear a space train apart trying to catch miles. I hope I’m not making myself look stupid but I’m just a little confused. How has an incursion not happened in that universe yet?

  10. If Miguel caused an incursion by spending two months in another universe why doesn't the world where the spider society is collapse due to all of the multiversal travelers in the form of spiderman?

  11. My theory here is this. The canon thing is just completely wrong. But on top of that, the reason an incursion doesn’t happen in Miguel’s Universe is because of the watches. They stabilize the person wearing it and somehow “trick” the universe into thinking that everything is normal. The reason no one was glitching in NWH and Doctor Strange is because they used magic. Magic simply bends reality, the technology like the collider and the watches tear it open. Both can cause incursions if the person leaves too big of a footprint, but magic just doesn’t cause glitching, while technology does. Magic is a natural thing, it exists in all the universes, and it’s able to be manipulated.

    On top of that, the reason an incursion was happening in Pavitr’s universe, despite them wearing watches, is because Miles wasn’t. He, though accidentally, had a hand in parts of the city being destroyed, and he didn’t have a watch on. Therefore, the universe still identified him as being foreign, making any big impact he had very dangerous.

  12. I think the thing with Spiderman india is that even though a cannon event can happen at any time the police captain dieing was supposed to happen at That time not another time

  13. i don't think all universes necessarily have the same canon events, it's just that these are the sorts of things that Can be canon events and some of these need to happen in every universe

  14. Supaidaman was announced to be in the movie, and they even shared his model on Twitter. I was equally surprised not to see him here. He's got to be in the next one… I hope

  15. Eh few things I don’t agree with on this video.

    1. Yes, while all these events don’t have to happen at the same time, I’m pretty sure that when each universe intends it to happen, you can’t disrupt it. So each timeline has its own time where the canon events will occur, and disrupting the set moment is the issue.

    2. You can’t point out that Miguel only has one sample size when frankly, why would he wanna let other universes die to get more research. That’s trillions of lives.

  16. Ok so um ps4 miles must learn from spider verse miles because ps4s miles is not himself because he wants do what Peter would do and kingpin is the reason miles and spot exsits but they will exsit but without important roles if kingpin never made the colider so no colider no spider miles no spot so yeah kingpin messed up and kingpin could of made an incursion so kingpin is danger for the universes

  17. This theory is strange because what about spider Gwen Peter B Parker and the other spider people go to miles universe then doesn't that mean that there would be an incursion in miles universe

  18. I think u got it wrong para la tierra 42, es paralela a la tierra de ITSV y el echo de que Miles asechador no haya sido picado no significa que el universo de él esté bien, puede ser que por eso mismo hayan capturado a Spider Miles, we don't have enough info about this. Sure los eventos canon is a long strech pero algo deben de tener. La parte de la colisión tampoco es descabellada pero still, not what the movie goes aabout, nor the multiverse comics pero la película no es ninguna de las dos aunque las referencias existan.

  19. I want to know which universe is the spider society at, because it could be different from the comics (well i mean it is since cosmic spiderman isnt there), also the theory is a little shaky in the spider society since MILLIONS of spider people gather at ONE universe, but maybe they have some way to mask themselves to avoid an incursion, but then again, shaky, since they think it's the Canon events

  20. Matpat I just wanted to mention and even though I do agree with the theory for the most part, I do think the "canon events" thing is very real since on the dr. Strange episode, you can consider his fiancée dying as a canon event. Which when he finally reversed it cost him that entire universe.

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