Evolution of Post-Credit Scene in Spider-Man Games

Evolution of Post-Credit Scene in Spider-Man Games

In this my new video of Spider-Man you can see all the post-credits cutscenes in the Spider-Man games from 2000 to 2020.

This spider-man games all secret ending video was recorded, played and edited completely by me, the video is taken from the various versions of the games released including PC, PS1.

As in the MCU, even in the Spider-Man games there were always post-credits scenes that showed what would happen in the following chapters. In this video you can see the all post-credits scene in spider-man games from 2000 up to the present day.

In this evolution of Post-credits video the following games are featured:

00:00 Spider-Man PS1

01:49 Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

02:41 Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

02:59 The Amazing Spider-Man

04:00 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

05:05 Marvel’s Spider-Man

07:31 Marvel’s Spider-Man The Heist

08:42 Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars

09:53 Marvel’s Spider-Man Silver Lining

10:26 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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32 responses to “Evolution of Post-Credit Scene in Spider-Man Games”

  1. I really love the PS4 scene cause of just how absurd it is. Like, put yourself in Miles's POV. You just found out you got superpowers out of nowhere, and they're probably the same as Spider-Man's powers, and then after you show it to one of your best friends, he reveals that HE IS ACTUALLY THE FIRST SPIDER-MAN. Like I would need to lay down for a full year if not longer.

  2. Vote on which post-credit scene is your favorite:
    Spider-Man PS1:
    Spider-Man PS2:
    Spider-Man PS3:
    Spider-Man PS4:
    Spider-Man:Milestone Morales:
    Spider-Man 2 PS5:

  3. My favorite part of that first scene is that. Captain America is Definitely the type of person to participate in some back alley poker game. But want it to be completely civil and clean. Lmfao.

  4. this might sound very nitpicky but i dont mean it in a bad way, the clip you used for "marvels spiderman" was actually the remastered version. which would make it actually go after spiderman miles morales. (marvels spiderman remastered was made in 2022, while spiderman miles morales was in 2020)

  5. What makes the PS1 post credits is that no way in hell would Cap and Punisher sit down and play poker.
    And yeah, Daredevil looking at Frank's cards.

  6. FUN FACT: spidey is REALLY good at poker, his sense goes off if someones lying- he even beat kingpin in a charity game and laughed all the way home afterwards

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