EBITDAR & Bucket Going Far | Ashville Weekly ep142

9 Jul 2023 #insta360 #insta360wheels #insta360GO3
Daniel gets schooled by his CFO after thinking he can buy 10 more trucks, at the £15m house the paving needs to be ripped out and the fire pit structure gets underway, and a race to the bottom is in full effect in this weeks Ashville Weekly.

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31 responses to “EBITDAR & Bucket Going Far | Ashville Weekly ep142”

  1. I was in demolition we had riddle buckets on our liebherr machines because of the continuous movement of the shaking of the bucket it would eventually damage the bucket ram seals and they would start leaking. We constructed a frame which was transported from site to site you loaded the rock onto it, 11:24 the dirt fill through the gaps and the stone rolled down to the other side

  2. Spotted the new bucket in the back of a tipper this morning on the M40. It looks serious in black with the Ashville logo on the back 👊🏻

  3. Many agents value of EBITDA, but Market Value is actually based upon FMOP (fair maintainable operating profit), there’s some key differences so well worth looking into

  4. I had to go to Kensington with my work. On the way out of London I’d just spotted an O’Donovan skip wagon and was wondering if I’d see any Ashville trucks when parked at the side of the road was AS14CON delivering concrete to what looked like an old cinema? Made my trip to see my first ever Ashville vehicle!

  5. Some will under cut to get the job just to _iss the competition off, and also to get the competition to under price and go out of business, hence less compitcion

  6. 21.16 with ashville lorry n mod lorry i had also spotted one of wagons in the fleet for bss, i forgot that they looked out an slow daf l cab 230bhp to much sensers n the price of them is not wat ya think on what is on them but still enjoy the vids peps n daniel inspried me on doing a transportation course n now am able to do the fleet of wagons to rigids now n plus been offered a manager role..

  7. I have been a fan for a long long time and I just came to London for work noticed I’m a mile away from the site you have gave me a lot of motivation through the months I just wish I could say it to your face

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