Early morning anime? Why not

I had so many people ask me to explore the anime convention stomping grounds again before opening… so who am I to say no

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  1. Spy Family:

    Kid – Anya Forger. She is a telepath who can read thoughts
    Father – He is the best spy infiltrating a nation to prevent war
    Mother – She is a hulk level strength assassin
    Dog – Can see visions of the future

    All are in a "fake family" trying not to be caught and none no about each others ability except Anya (kid) as she can read minds

  2. The sphere for Jujutsu Kaisen is a "domain expansion", which is most characters in that show's win condition and ultimate move. The inside basically becomes a warped reality with special conditions and rules, and to the outside it looks like that.

  3. Thats what anime cons are nowadays. Just the top popular bs anime. Thats another reason why I stopped going to them. There's a billion anime out there and every con just shovels the same 5 things at you.

  4. I know this gonna lead to latest figure update but why no drip update? Rocco has the coolest food influenced drip drip. I’d love to see a reoccurring drip update with latest gas station logo socks and dickies shorts.

  5. I'm only leaving this because you asked us to. But I love watching these vids as background noise at work, except I always inevitably use it to slow the pace at work so that I can show them that they don't pay me enough to care. But it's fun to watch these.

  6. Last AX I went to was 2016.
    That year was a total shitshow.
    Registration line went past the parking structure and beyond the freeway and into the residential area on the other side of the freeway.
    Bashed my shin really bad on the short concrete things by the planters.
    Which got infected because I bashed it on my way to the registration line. Which winded through some really grungy areas past the freeway. No doubt getting grossass LA street dust in my open wound.

    That was the year the Mega64 panel was put in a smaller room & only let in a fraction of the line then closed the doors turning everyone away. After waiting almost 2 hours in the sun.
    That sucked because thats how I was gonna introduce my friends to Mega64, & we were turned away by staff along with like 200 other people.
    & speaking of.

    The best friends who thought itd be a good idea to date had a classic falling out and broke up one day into the con.
    It was a huge cluster fuck & I figured out most of the stuff there I can just buy online.
    So Ive never been back.
    But thx for this vid, Giving me a chance to look at AX with out going back.

  7. I love these videos because i've kind of fallen out of the convention scene lately, but also appreciate booth themes/design and seeing how things are presented. Also its incredibly hard to get to these things across the country so its nice to check out the space through you checking out everything

  8. I haven't gotten to go to an anime con in a bit, and never that quiet, so that was cool. and I generally don't watch long videos either. also as a fellow old anime fan, some cool recent ones were Megalobox, Shadows House, Princess Principal

  9. dude that's so cool that they got Ryo Hazuki's yellow windowless car with metal prongs from Sega All Stars Racing there!

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