DLC Confirmed?! | Spider-Man 2 PS5

Did Insomniac just confirm DLC for Spider-Man 2 PS5?
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Durag Nation! Get ready for a deep dive into some electrifying news surrounding Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This time, we’re looking at Insomniac’s exciting DLC plans for the game, along with a potentially game-changing feature that fans have discovered in the new trailer. So, buckle up as I break down everything you need to know!

The symbiote suit is the talk of the town, with fans asking how it will function in the game. Will it be like any other suit, or will you be able to switch it on and off at will? In the spider-man 2 ps5 gameplay demo, we spotted an intriguing icon under Peter’s health bar. Unique to Peter, this icon could represent the current suit, implying that players might be able to seamlessly switch between costumes during gameplay.

The burning question remains about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC. Contrary to popular belief, DLC is a separate project with its own budget, timelines, and staff. James Stevenson, the community director at Insomniac, echoed this perspective by sharing a tweet on the topic. Spider-Man PS4 featured three paid DLC, and it seems Insomniac might follow the same pattern with Spider-Man 2. According to leaks, possible DLCs could revolve around Yuri, who has now become Wraith, introduce us to a playable Venom story, or mark our first meeting with Spider-Gwen.

Regardless of DLC, Spider-Man 2 promises to be a massive game teeming with fascinating villains. For a detailed breakdown of all the potential villains, make sure to check out my next video.

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36 responses to “DLC Confirmed?! | Spider-Man 2 PS5”

  1. I hope the DLC would be Doc ock got out of jail again and black cat came back for peter and say black cats pregnant and about phin what if she didn’t die and came back?

  2. 1:47 I hope not, I kinda feel like this character is a bit overrated. I would prefer seeing Anya instead, because she’s a little more tech base and she has that blue magical tattoo that gives her this blue armor. Gameplay wise, Anya would stand out more than spider Gwen. Besides, how would she get her powers? Another modified spider bites another person, and that person just so happens to be Gwen?

  3. Just don't kill Pete an I'll be happy as for the dlc may if their 3 maybe first to be about venom an than the final one sure would focus on venom an the symbiote but all so give us a glimpse of what the next spider-man game like if it's about something like the spider verse venom get mistakenly get thrown in to a wormhole generator or something like that.

  4. Currently watching the across the Spider Verse movie and there’s a scene where Ganke’s playing Spider-Man 2 gameplay believe it or not 😂. And they also tease the new Spider-Man suit, not the black one.

  5. We should be able to play as venom and fight miles or miles and fight venom, like the superman vs batman thing, but in the 2nd stage venom leaves peter and they fight him together.

  6. Here are my thoughts on dlc it’s all what ifs so the first one could be about Peter having the black suit and never taking it off and he loses everyone and he goes after Fisk bc he Sent his men to kill MJ so he goes to jail and gets pay back on him and maybe a DLC where miles has the suit too

  7. Hoping for a 3 dlcs. Each seperate ideas.
    One is For Eddie as Venom and introduces Jack O lantern or Crossbones. Jack O lantern type of story has Venom truly becoming the lethal protector and the Crossbones story has hydra attempting to capture Venom for Zola’s experimentation. Either would work I just doubt they would work well together. End of it has a teaser for Cletus Cassidy.
    One is for maybe a character like Black Cat and her story could revolve around tombstone and the tinkerer.
    The last dlc could be for a character that doesn’t really have enough content or has too much content for a game but is still a pretty popular character.
    For example although i would love a full game, a character like Moon Knight would work but I specifically choose Jessica Jones. She’s a pretty popular character and she has some villians that work but I don’t think a full game would work. Make it based on a story with Nuke and Or Killgrave and it would fit prettttty well.

  8. I think the game will be fully finished. And the dlc will be the enemies pov from the story , before during and after the events. Filling in the little gaps that we never see. Like in ultimate Spider-Man with the venom missions. Except it won't be in the base game. Maybe a couple but not full. That's what I'd do.

  9. You and Caboose are my favorites! Yours are quick informing videoes to let me know the newest and constantly keeping me hype, while Caboose gather a bunch of different information from your couple of previous videos and in case i missed some of your videoes i could watch a 7-10 minute video from caboose + you both share your own ideas and wishes for the game of topic. Just like you once talked about the potential villians and named the ones you want the most, like sandman… Caboose does a similar thing and that’s just awsome. The cherry on top, you both hear from us and are super engaging with us in the coments and in the videoes you ask us the question of the day regarding the newest information, leaks or rumors. I am super grateful, thank you!

  10. I would love so much to have a DLC about Spider-Gwen! 😀❤🕷🕸👱‍♀️
    I love so much Spider-Woman and the Spider Woman universe!!!! 😀❤🕷🕸👧🏻

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