Could Madame Web Connect the MCU and the Spider-Verse?!?!!

Will Sony’s Madame Web movie further link the MCU, the Sonyverse, AND the Spider-Verse? And which Madame Web will Sony bring from the comics onto the silver screen? Go to now to get Secret Invasion merch!

Will Dakota Johnson play Cassandra Webb? Will Sidney Sweeney play Julia Carpenter? How do the Madame Webs from the comics and Spider-Man the Animated Series tie into the upcoming film? Whitney Van Laningham breaks down everything we know about the Madame Web movie, and speculates on how the film could tie itself to the MCU.

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Comically Inclined Studios
Karen Wang
Rick Denmon

Written by: Gina Ippolito and Whitney Van Laningham
Executive Producer: Erik Voss
Producers: Zach Huddleston & Brandon Barrick
Head of Production: John Costa
Post Production Supervisor: Riley Auskelis
Staff Editors: Drew Coombs, Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Georden West
Camera Operator: Dashiell Hamingson

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48 responses to “Could Madame Web Connect the MCU and the Spider-Verse?!?!!”

  1. Morbius was horrible why tf they want those writers. I don’t get how Sony can create two great Miles movies yet flop on their live action movies

  2. no no no, why would mcu want the crappy sonyverse to be apart of their world. 0 of sonys movies have been great, and Venom is just okay ( this is the best movie). let the sonyverese die a horrible death and let marvel come in after to save the spiderverse and create there own inside the mcu

  3. Am more a fan of Sony movies than the dc so.. i hope they use madam wed to connect all good an bad movies then start tryna make win movies after

  4. I want Madame Web to be good, but any time Sony does anything without Marvel Studios it mid at best. At least it will be better than Brids of Prey… right? 😞

  5. There's a big Agents of Shield Easter egg in miles bedroom. With a newspaper clipping that has Rouge Daisy. And it's exactly the same clipping as it was in AoS season 4😍😍😍

  6. WOAH WOAH WOAH, they may be underpaying the animators, but not disrespecting them. There they’re just pushing them to the brink of insanity

  7. I'm a fan of Madam Web (especially the 90's cartoon version ) but I just feel this movie will be terrible because of Sony. I pray Marvel finds a way to get Spiderman back.

  8. Into The Spider-Verse and Across The Spider-Verse are outstanding but Sony's live action Spider-Verse ( Oh Sigh.! )
    I'd like to be positive and optimistic and hope that Sony, have learnt from their mistakes. Connective story telling should not be the most important thing at this moment for Sony to be focusing on. Making a Great movie should be their first priority otherwise, it does not matter how connected the storyline is when, the movie is just awful.

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