Comic Book Roundup! New Yard Sale, Flea Market, and Comic Store Finds!

Hey guys, it’s time for another comic book roundup video where I show all my random yard sale, flea market, antique shop, and comic book store finds of the last month! Check out the video to see what comics I was able to find in all of these strange and unusual places!

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00:00 – Intro
00:58 – Yard Sale Finds
02:21 – Bone and Skottie Young
04:40 – Indoor Tag Sale
06:40 – Voltron
07:35 – The Phantom
08:39 – Indoor Flea Markets
09:50 – Original Comic Art
11:15 – Ghost Rider 2
12:58 – Green Lantern Blackest Night
14:57 – Avengers 292
16:29 – Avengers 257, 1st Nebula
17:52 – Marvel Team-up 141, 2nd Black Suit
19:44 – X-Men 102
20:24 – Fantastic Four 67, 1st Him, Adam Warlock
22:43 – Outro

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20 responses to “Comic Book Roundup! New Yard Sale, Flea Market, and Comic Store Finds!”

  1. Best comic book content on YouTube hands down, you really present things as fun and interesting no matter how cheap or expensive

  2. Glad I found your channel. One thing you do, I've noticed some others don't, is tell the year the comic book was published! I grew up in the 70's… My Dad bought me my 1st comic at a book store at the mall, when I was probably 5 or 6… I was instantly hooked on the artwork, the stories… Using my imagination. I probably bugged him to death asking what "this word" or "that" meant, LOL 😆. I appreciate the dates, so I can figure if I may have a copy in my collection, or not. I have maybe one comic from before I was born… First team up of Batman and the Flash, I bought in my 20's. Love this channel and the info you give on your comics 💯🤘🤠

  3. Great video as usual! My brother gave me his entire comic book collection from the late 80 to the 90's including Marvel, Image, DC, whole bunch of Idies as well, including all his trading cards for the above mentioned! Love EM! Marvel Master Pieces and Fleer Ultra cards are awesome. Same goes with the Flair run from Skybox! It's great seeing someone who enjoys it not for finding the "holy grail" nothing wrong with finding a holy grail btw, but the nostalgia from your childhood!

  4. Great video as always. You definitely got some great books this time. I think you mentioned that you were a Ghost Rider fan? I’m a huge Ghost Rider fan myself and I have the complete run of Volume 1 and 2. As well as other comic series related to Ghost Rider. Keep up the great work. 😎

  5. Really nice books I was thinking that perhaps you should change the name and go by from “Lunch Money comics“ but I was thinking with inflation these days and prices being so expensive lunch money comics is about right.

  6. Good Evening Michael
    A great show as always, a great collection of Comics, I shall have to watch again to take it all in. I love The Voltron books, and I love the connection from your cards to the comic. Most excellent. I love the Phantom Book, we still have the Phantom published twice a month with some quarterly specials thrown in, still sold in Newsagents(newsstands). It would have to be Australia's national comic. The stories come from either the US news strips or from Sweden, who have long had their writers and artists. The Phantom is the one comic I still collect as a comic.
    Keep up the great work
    Cheers Al The goldkeyfourcolorkidownunda

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