Brock Samson: The Heart of a Murder Machine

Okay, people have been asking for it forever and now that we’re so close to the big finale film, it’s time for me to finally cover The Venture Brothers. And what better place to start than the blonde haired Swedish murder machine himself, bane to henchmen everywhere and the bodyguard of the famous venture family, Brock Samson. Brock is a beloved character and for good reason. He’s an absolute badass and he’d do anything to protect those helpless Venture boys. Basically, for one of the most dangerous men on the planet, he’s got a real heart, even if he hates showing it. He’s got a complicated history, so let’s take at what makes this murder man tick and look at the life of Brock Samson.

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Edited by @NicoAnimation and Joe Murphy @nazchoz798

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24 responses to “Brock Samson: The Heart of a Murder Machine”

  1. Just finished the movie and it was absolutely phenomenal!!! I hope you cover it soon, I feel it answered more than enough while also leaving some questions unanswered for a possible continuation/Reboot like Futurama is getting. (Which I would just love) looking forward to more venture bros content!

  2. I cannot wait for this new Venture Bros series. Our hearts are broken that it’s the end but we will always have sweet memories & a great movie. ✌️

  3. Not many views so far. It's just not a very popular show in the main stream. That's a shame, because i do think its one of the best ones out there. It rewards fans with repeat viewing. I am glad a bigger youtube channel like Johnny 2 Cellos covered it. Go Team Venture!

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