Another Big Nintendo Reveal For 2023? And Diablo 4 + Blizzard See Massive Backlash | News Wave

Nintendo has already setup a good second half of the year, but now a new report is pointing to a few more big releases for the Switch. Blizzard is currently facing a lot of backlash online after a recent patch for Diablo IV changed everything.

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00:00 – Start

00:55 – Microsoft And Activision Extend Deal Deadline

2:14 – New Spider Man 2 Screenshot Shows Venom

3:51 – Witcher 3 On Switch Gets Update

4:45 – Nintendo Game Release Rooms

9:16 – Pikmin 4 Reviews

12:18 – Diablo IV Backlash After Patch

15:29 – Sony Summer Sale Goes Live

17:44 – Poll

18:59 – Comment Of The Day

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37 responses to “Another Big Nintendo Reveal For 2023? And Diablo 4 + Blizzard See Massive Backlash | News Wave”

  1. StarCraft, heroes and d3 have had good balance updates in the past. Activision continues to destroy blizzards soul year after year, but I’m hopeful the gameplay balance experts will tweak things in a satisfying way.

  2. I'm still holding out hope for Twilight Princess but if it's not game release it might be them shadow premiering Link or Zelda into Mario Park for all we know.

  3. I am a bit disappointed that Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is not getting the Remastered treatment that Metroid Prime Remastered got. Both Gamecube games should get the full on visual overhaul, and Prime 2 especially would benefit even more from it. Out of the two GameCube games, Prime 2 is the one that is the more visually and technically ambitious, having more visually detailed character models, more areas to explore than in Prime 1, some bosses being bigger than ever before (Amorbis and especially Quadraxis come to mind), and the duality between Aether and Dark Aether; and all that while still maintained at 60 fps on the GameCube.
    This getting the Remastered treatment would be excellent, it really needs it.

    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, I say they can get away with that one being a simple HD port on the Switch since it already is the best looking of the three games (so much so that it is on the Top 5 Best Looking Wii Games of All Time).

  4. FYI, basically that same sale is happening on Xbox right now as well. I took advantage and picked up the ultimate edition of Midnight Suns with the DLC and everything for super cheap. I love these sales.

  5. New poll on PC store… no wonder valve couldn’t care less about Microsoft’s ABK purchase. Even gamepass on pc won’t begin to touch their profit margin.

  6. I wish John wouldn't play into aging switch or Mario kart needs a sequel stuff.

    Could Nintendo launch the successor this year or next year? Yes. Or they could push it to 2025, which would be very Nintendo ish. The biggest thing with games is the effort they put in. You can get TOTK performance or No More Heroes 3 performance.

    Mario Kart doesn't need a sequel if it's the same game. If there's no new mechanics that change things then Mario Kart 9 would feel like Mario Kart 8.

  7. I stand corrected, maybe there is a chance to see old CoD games remastered. I want WaW remastered so much. But if it comes to PS5, I'm obviously getting that instead. Way better hardware. I'm gonna reinstall MWR. So good! I got the Platinum and prestiged once. I needed space so I was happy to let it go. Now I'm itching for it again. I wanna play more but sucks on PS5. No backwards compatibility.

  8. wow, nerfing the game to the point everything is not fun and only miserable im so "amazed". This is why I gave up any game online related they all do this regardless which game it is. I've moved onto single player or offline games instead where its still fun to enjoy.

  9. If there's gonna be a remaster/remake of Zelda, it better be a remaster of the Zelda game we haven't seen in light.

  10. Wassup Jon(SW).

    Just a little Extension too the Microsoft Activision Blizzard Deal, it's all but done now guys.

    Venom is looking Dope in Spider-Man, what is even more Dope, there is a Limited Edition Themed PS5 Console Coming and a Story Trailer has Dropped aswell.

    The Witcher 3 getting Updates on the Switch is great stuff too hear.

    Yh I am Expecting Metroid Prime 2 HD Makeover Remaster too come later this Year, probably Shown during the later on this Year and Metroid Prime 3 HD Makeover Remaster too come sometime before Summer 2024. Hopefully it is a Zelda Game coming, could be the Twilight Princess/Windwaker Bundle or a Remake maybe.

    Pikmin 4 is gonna be a Good Time and a Fun Game too Play.

    Looks like they have messed up Diablo 4 big style.

    Some really good PlayStation Sales going on guys, check it out n see what you can find.

    Really cool Poll, yep I'll probably Play Mario Wonder first because I think it'll be a Game I can get through quicker and then I can Playthrough Spider-Man 2 at my own pace.

    Quality Comment, that would be awesome too see happen.

  11. That update sucks for Diablo 4 players. Tons of hard work. I own Diablo 2 for Switch as well as Xbox and I would love for that to be cross platform like The Witcher.

  12. For Zelda, I expect them to announce a movie after the success of Mario's animated flick. I'd love Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD collection or even better a Zelda master collection that contains all Zelda games excluding the zekda games already on Switch (BOTW, TOTK, Skyward Sword and Links Awakening DX) because Triforce heroes and four swords could use some love and it'd be cool to be able to play those Co-op. I'd be okay with them adding the 3DS versions of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask as long as they revert Majora's Mask physics back to the N64 version.

  13. I'll be happy to have Prime 2 with a basic HD remaster treatment. Hopefully we can see Prime 3 as well on switch with optional traditional controls.

  14. If Prime 2 is digital only, Limited Run Games will end up making a physical edition. Maybe even box em all up when all 4 Metroid Prime games are available.

  15. Popped in Cod 4 in the ol’ 360 yesterday and had a blast. Not as high pop as black ops or MW2, but was super playable, found games really fast. Ran into maybe 2 hackers over the course of like 25+ games? It seemed like a lot of new people were genuinely just trying it out. Low lvl accts that weren’t hacking.

    Everyone come play CoD 4 🙂

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