ALGS Year 3 Split 2 Playoffs – Day 4 FINALS | Apex Legends

Day 4 Final Circles
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ALGS Year 3 Split 2 Playoffs – Day 4 FINALS | Apex Legends

Schedule for Sunday 16 July –
Match Point Finals from 4pm BST

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29 responses to “ALGS Year 3 Split 2 Playoffs – Day 4 FINALS | Apex Legends”

  1. The TSM bias in this community is insane. I dont get it. The broadcasters constantly talk about them, the observers spectate them more than others, they have a huge bandwagon fanbase, they interview parents of the players. It makes me root against them. I literally want to see anyone except TSM win. Call me a hater, I do not care. They are incredibly good, but I really enjoy seeing them get taken out.

  2. Please we need an anti spoil add to the video
    For those who can't watch live you just get spoiled when the last game is, from there it's easy to guess who's gonna win given who's alive at the end
    Please add a random time at the end of the video

  3. When imperialhal win he the happiest…. I remember not so long ago he said he done with apex legends just because he kept losing early… 😂😂😂😂

  4. How is noone talking about the fact, that DZ won the last game mostly because of a braindead Catalyst ulti from NRG? Please, turn off your fan/hater reflexes, go to 4:11:50 and really think about what happened: RNG chooses to only cover the low-ground area where DZ is, they know fully well it's one team (they've peeked before) and instead of going for that one team or maybe using the wall differently in the first place, they blindly push right into all remaining teams on the other side of the Cat wall… If I wasn't out of tin foil, I would seriously consider they were tryng to help them or something. This isn't to say DZ isn't one of the best, if not THE best team right now, but I just think it's such a bummer they had invaluable help from opponents in the most crucial moment of the entire playoffs.

  5. I really don’t understand why people compare nrg to tsm Or make it seem like these some sort of rivalry. Dz is a real competitor. NRG has not proved anything yet

  6. if GO was the 1 contesting then it was for kp. there are 2 "upsides" to landslide(ruling out the kp part). a) youre always close to zone/rotation & b) yea the initial loot is horrid, but theres a supply bot with a keycard to a vault closeby

    plus maybe a beacon/"map room"(im pretty its not that)

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