Ahsoka Dave Filoni Stuff and Random 2 AM Stream

Thank you for watching today’s video. I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you in the next one! May the force be with you, ALWAYS!

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36 responses to “Ahsoka Dave Filoni Stuff and Random 2 AM Stream”

  1. 6:35 am here 🙂 Europe Nice to see Kreia content 😁 Awesome lightsaber fights too😁 Watched for 10 mins. May the Force be with you,always😊

  2. also theory, you said ahsoka wouldnt know kenobi was alive, but since ezra saw him in twin suns episode in rebels, wouldnt he mention that to ahsoka? especially if she finds ezra in the ahsoka show?

  3. duude, id hate playing a SW game (or any game) on PC cuz fuck keyboard and mouse, boring asf using them for a controller. but those mods look so sayisfying, makes me wanna buy the game twice just so i can also do a playthrough with these mods😂

  4. Star Wars Rebels sucks. I'm sorry but i'm not falling for this revisionism. The show was cut short for a reason, it got diminishing viewership, poor television ratings when it was on DisneyXD, negative reception for its bad animation style and the main characters had next to no charisma or personality. Just like a lot of entries in the star wars fandom, desperate fans will contort any bad thing to be always positive just to have something to talk about.

  5. They all killed STAR WARS .. I am old and I remember 1977 .. today there is not the same emotion! Star wars is dead thanks to Disney through the selling from George Lucas ! So sad !

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