Across the Spider-Verse: Missed Chance to Resolve MCU Loose End!

Across the Spider-Verse has come and gone, and now we all have to sit and wait patiently for Beyond the Spider-Verse next year. But luckily we can spend that time combing over every inch of Across the Spider-Verse to see what we missed. There were several MCU references, including cameos from Tobey and Andrew who are officially MCU canon. The best was Donald Glover’s reappearance as the Prowler. But with all these great nods, let’s take a look at some missed opportunities in a villain that Across the Spider-Verse failed to include!



0:00 Intro
0:18 MCU Tie-Ins
1:10 The Scorpion
2:27 The Scorpion’s Return
3:22 Why?

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Written by: Anna Cate Jones, Nick Twohig
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: MA

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11 responses to “Across the Spider-Verse: Missed Chance to Resolve MCU Loose End!”

  1. I hope they bring him back for the next trilogy of Spider-Man movies set in the MCU and is already in his Scorpion suit working for Kingpin, and maybe he bonds with the Venom symbiote after Peter removes it from him he learns who he is again and goes after Ned and MJ which then they'll be remember who Peter is again too and also find out he's Spider-Man. Boom, there ya go 💥

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  3. I've literally been wanting a live action Scorpion in the MCU for sooo long. There long overdue addressing that Spiderman homecoming post credit scene with Matt gargin

  4. Well I'm sure the reason why we don't get any mcu stuff is because the only spiderman that has a deal with marvel is the Tom Holland films. Miles morales is purely Sony. For Donald glover appearing, it makes sense because he has said he wants to play miles morales, since then he has gotten to old but offered him a cameo as the prowler who is older. Nice little touch by the creators. Good video and always up showing more spiderman stories for new fans.

  5. I really don't think beyond the spider verse will be the movie to reveal the return of mcu's scorpion. It'll most likely be mcu spider-man 4, 5, or 6.

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