Across the Spider-Verse is the Next Step of Animation

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse takes everything that made Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse great, and ramped it up to a hundred. Miles Morales comes face to face with other Spider-Man variations across the multiverse, along with a massive new threat that challenges our heroes. What does Across the Spider-Verse do better than the first movie? How will it change animation moving forward?


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37 responses to “Across the Spider-Verse is the Next Step of Animation”

  1. While many people like to point out that these spiderverse movies have a signature look in terms of a comic book look due to the 12 frames per second on many animation parts but honestly i think its to give the artists a break by cutting their work in half since most movies run at 24 frames per second.

  2. Really cool video !
    I agree with the fact that Spiderman atsv is the greatest animated film nowadays, and he surely continues to revolution animation like his prequel (into the spider verse)
    Personally, I want to become an artist and at the time, I seriously think that I want to become an animator to contribute to this new age of animation history !

  3. Artistically, I thought one of the most beautiful scenes was near the end, where Gwen is talking to her dad and we see the white background with colors emerging throughout

  4. While watching the movie, I was in shock. I didn’t think the animation would be this beautiful.

    I saw it opening night (Thursday) and it got an applause from my theater. It’s one of the only movies that I think it makes sense to do that. Everyone on the way out talked about how amazing it was.

  5. Of you are a animation fan The movie is awesome, if you are a Spiderman Fan its 5x better, of you are a Marvel Fan (I am totally serious right now) it is 999999999999999x BETTER

  6. In the words of Kendrick Lamar: "We're gonna be alright" with animation going forward

    I LOVED this movie, just got out of finally seeing it about two hours ago, and man, it's not just a massive undertaking and challenge of art that keeps on building from the marvelous foundation the first movie laid in, but also the story brought such tension and emotional weight. The introduction of the new terrific characters (Spider-Punk and Spider-Man India were the shį5 🔥), Miles keeping on becoming his own great hero, Gwen's crushing and intense backstory, Miles parents being absolute BOSSES 🔥; and The Spot, dude, I hope we get to see more from what he'll bring down to Beyond The Spider-Verse; but that guy is a wild storm with his superpowers, and truly dangerous, scary and well-made.

    I must admit that, while I won't say it is better than the first movie, I'd say it's a worthy companion, and tie in, that flexes up its threads very greatly. And the cliffhanger was necessary in order to keep the momentum going. Overall, ATSV is currently the absolute G.O.A.T. of animation 🙌🏻, and as long as Sony Pictures Animation keeps on bringing more experimentation, ambition, and challenge like this, we're gonna be eating really good with animation this decade 🔥🔥

  7. I was watching this video, and when i got to the part "you can pause the movie", and my friend called me, so the video pause at the moment.

  8. I really wasn’t sure if it could top the first movie in terms of animation, but it somehow manages to do even more. Frankly, it makes Into The Spiderverse look simplistic. It may just be the most beautiful and creative work of animation ever made.

  9. sony pictures is the only company to make a movie thats atrocious and called the emoji movie, and then change the course of animation forever

  10. Tbh the cliff hanger was kind of expected. You could kind of tell it was gonna happen because of how slow the pacing was. There was no way they were gonna manage to create a satisfying ending in just 2 hours with all the stuff they added.

  11. my dad walked out of the theatre because miles was late to the party (he said that miles was using the fact that he is spider man as an excuse) and that gwen destroyed a drum set 💀💀💀💀💀
    bro turned into the bah humbug scrooge guy 💀

  12. I gotta say, Across the Spider-Verse is so much better than Into the Spider-Verse and after this, we’re getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and I know it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

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