There’s an extra reference to Doc Ock on the bridge where he first appears as one of the license plates says 63ASM-3, which refers to the first comic he appeared in.


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  1. In the Punisher video game when Frank is almost ran over by a car the licence plate reads "ASM129"; A refrence to The Punishers first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man 129.

  2. Hollywood films have the best details.
    Hollywood film makers are smart .
    Bollywood films don't 😂😂😂 have details.
    They are too cheesy .
    I feel lucky that my dad introduced me to the best Hollywood movies from my childhood.

  3. for anyone not aware about the prosthetic teeth thing:

    when dafoe plays the part of norman osborn, he wears prosthetic teeth to give him a more charming smile and healthier appearence

    but when he's the goblin he shows his real teeth which are messier and more misaligned, making him seem a bit more wierd and off putting

  4. Willem Dafoe only used his real teeth in the couple of scenes where his reflection is speaking to him as the Goblin in Raimi's SPIDER-MAN. In NWH, they made it an actual physical change that occurs, making the character even more like Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 😉

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